Tuesday, March 31, 2015


(bralet, The Tinsel Rack / skirt, CMYK / boots, Topshop / bag, SandyTrove / watch, Nakedglory / triangle necklace, Diva, prism necklace, WoodenBox / ring, Stroberi / slave bracelet, Lovisa
(photos by Cheryl)

I've got a thing for white recently. But white doesn't mean boring, and it definitely doesn't mean plain. My favourite way to jazz up an all white outfit is to throw on gold-toned accessories, the more the better, because hey, you're wearing all white, so you can afford the extra weight, a la Christmas Tree. Or, you could just make sure one of the items is a white printed-something, like my skirt - when I first bought it, I could not stop staring at the multi-coloured birds, and I still can't. They bring to mind Birds of Paradise, all glorious with their vibrant plumage. And then again, you could just do both, like I've done.
A good idea, yes? 

These photos from my trip to Habitat Coffee bring back memories from summer break, and lazy afternoons spent talking in cafes. The food we ordered (The Big Ben & Mama's Banana Pancakes) filled our stomachs adequately, but I shall not expound further, except to ask the question of 'Why have I not discovered caramelized bananas earlier?'. Besides, give me scrambled eggs, and I'm a happy girl. 

On another note: Last Sunday, Singapore bid a final farewell to Mr Lee Kuan Yew, the first Prime Minister of our nation. There isn't much more I could write that hasn't already been written by thousands of Singaporeans thanking him for his dedication, but I'll give it a shot. When I was a child, we used to learn about Singapore's independence. As a child, I used to think he was indomitable, and invincible. Singapore was proud and lucky to have him. I live in a nation barely 50 years old (we celebrate our 50th year this August), but how far we have come. I walk on the streets at night knowing that I am safe, and I receive a good education that is not denied to me simply because of gender or income or any other discriminating factors. I drink potable water straight from the tap, precious water that so many of us take for granted, a resource so dear to a country completely lacking of natural resources. I live in a country with a multitude of cultures, and yet there is harmony. I could go on listing a million other reasons, but there you have it-- I couldn't be more proud to be Singaporean. We are not a perfect nation, but we are progressing. Mr Lee did not achieve all this for Singapore single-handedly, nor was he a perfect politician with perfect policies, but he dedicated his whole life to the betterment of Singapore. And for that, he has my utmost respect. Thank you, Mr Lee, for loving Singapore so much that you gave your all to making her a country future generations can be proud of, a country we are proud to call Home. So just, simply, thank you. Majulah Singapura. 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Navy & Peach

(top, Hollyhoque / shorts, The Tinsel Rack / bag, Bangkok / shoes, Doctor Martens / necklace, Lovisa / cat ring, Colette Hayman / hashtag ring, Lovisa)
(photos by Clarice)

I was in a rush that day, and I did not plan my outfit before hand; in fact, I had not even decided if I wanted to take any outfit shots. I count it as pure luck that the first two things I picked out of my closet somehow matched, and matched well indeed. It's a strange combination that I'd never have thought of before-- navy and peach? They sound worlds apart, and yet. Though I do think that the taupe scallops on the sleeves did help to pull the outfit together, because they go so well with peach. And this pair of lace-side shorts has officially made it to the list of my most-worn items, because it looks so good, and goes with just about everything. Except that my watches keep getting hooked onto the lace, and my heart breaks a little whenever I feel the watch hook snag onto the threads. 

But aside from that-- these photos come from my last break from school, and they bring me back to a glorious time of lazing around at home, baking whenever I want to, and just being a slob. I met up with an old friend on this day, and we had a good time reminiscing about the past and talking about the present- it's amazing how far we've come, really. We hung out at Baker & Cook's, where I enjoyed an amazing spinach and mushroom tart with tomato & feta cheese salad, not to mention a delightful pecan pie I brought back for the family to try. I'm definitely looking forward to a repeat trip soon (perhaps summer holidays).