Saturday, November 8, 2014

Photo Diary: Osaka

 Osaka, Japan

In the midst of preparing for my final exams this semester (which sort of explains my absence again, but is not really an excuse), I thought I would take a short break to go through some of my old backdated Japan photos. I needed a break-- we all do. 

There's nothing quite like a double chocolate coffee jelly frappucino at a rest stop to perk you up for a day trip around Osaka. I'm not even normally a fan of matcha, but in Japan, somehow, anything goes, and I eagerly pounce on every matcha food item I can get my hands on, though I barely take more than a few bites before relegating it to my sister, who likes matcha more than I do. And I'm not so sure why Singapore has not adopted that adorable kindergarten school uniform yet? 

On this particular day, I also had the first-time experience of sitting on a bullet train. And it's always nice to see little bits of your home country overseas. Also, sushi, anyone? I'm craving it right now. I thought I would abstain from all sushi when I got back from Japan, but it turns out to be the exact opposite. I crave sushi even more intensely now, if that's even possible.

Shopping at Shinsaibashi was delightful and awkward at the same time -- delightful because there were just so many shops, and awkward because there was simply not enough time to visit them all, and my family ended up being the last to arrive at the restaurant for dinner. As a matter of fact, we were most often last during this trip; I'm sure our punctuality was not helped by the fact that we had two teenage females who were eager to visit every single shop in the shopping district. And it was overwhelming. This post is ended off with a photo I randomly snapped of the bustling Shinsaibashi -- I'll be back. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Florals & Oxblood

{top, Bangkok / shoes, Doctor Martens / bag, Burberry / cuff, Claire's / ring, Stroberi}
(photos by my dad)

Because who wouldn't be happy on their 19th birthday, clad in the easiest combination of florals and oxblood, and sporting a pale-pink lip? The pale-pink lips are a rarity, because I have an obsession with buying the brightest, reddest lipsticks I can find, and then chickening out and never wearing them. Still, the occasion somehow called for pale-pink despite my natural aversion to it, and so pink it was. 

Looking at cake when you're sick should be outlawed. I'm currently down with a terrible sore throat and flu (the third sore throat in three months, I really need to be more careful), and... moist chocolate cake with caramel, pecans, and the occasional chunk of surprise brownie? Looking on it is almost bordering on painful (and not just literally). Apparently my 19th birthday was spent gallivanting around town filling myself with sweet treats, including trying the strangely popular yogurt store that seems to be the yogurt store to visit lately. (I thought it was fine, but the long queues turn me off from a second visit.)

In any case, stay healthy, all of you-- the flu bug seems to be making its rounds again. Til the next time!

Sunday, October 5, 2014


{top, Japan / skirt, Dressabelle / triangle necklace, Lovisa, Prism necklace, Claire's / shoes, Topshop / ring, Japan / bag, Emoda}
(photos by Aileen)

I edited these photos for another blog post amidst studying for next week's test, and I shall not feel guilty about that. Or at least, I shall attempt not to. I try to comfort myself with the knowledge that I did do (a little) work today, and this is effectively my form of stress relief, and I am entitled to it. Yeah, I can keep lying to myself.

So. Waffles, scrambled eggs, a sausage, and maple syrup at Selfish Gene Cafe. Lately, the craving for scrambled eggs has been building up yet again; I do not think I will ever tire of eating the buttery golden goodness. It has been ages since I managed to get a good brunch into my stomach, and here's hoping that I will have a little bit of spare time to do some cafe hopping with my favourite girls. 

I brought my Emoda bag out with sheer happiness, because, well, I've always wanted to own Emoda, for no reason at all.  And then again, black and white has never lost its appeal. While I am currently stocking up the wardrobe (I've been on numerous clothes-buying sprees such that the wardrobe is now packed) with all sorts of prints and fall colours, black and white will always hold a fond spot in my heart. Besides, you can never go wrong with a little bit of lightning; it keeps the magic in a stormy sky alive.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Cracked Marble

{top, Fairebelle / skirt, Dresabelle / holographic pouch, Sephora / boots, Topshop / ring, Lovisa / necklace, Talisman's}
(photos by Siu Farn)

How long as it been since I have neglected this space? There were too many days of fatigue, too many weeks of procrastination, too many thoughts of "there will be time to do it later" that never came to fruition, and too many idealistic views of time management. But I'm back finally, after managing to get my timetable into some semblance of order. Truth be told, my life is still in much of a mess right now, and I am stumbling like a baby through my curriculum, but it'll take nothing short of an apocalypse to tear me away from this space, I promise. I've locked myself to it with iron manacles. 

The beauty in imperfection is perfection itself -- a white structured top, splattered with black prints to resemble cracked marble, with the ugly black veins running haphazardly through its once pristine surface, paired with a black crochet skirt and my trusty boots. Yes, there is definitely perfection in something decidedly imperfect.  

But anyway, how have all of you been? I hope school is treating you kindly; aside from the usual bout of homesickness, and the frantic stress that is inevitable, hall life and school have been pretty forgiving to me. I use that loosely; goodness knows I could use more hours of sleep (couldn't everybody). And then the days where I could just nip down to the picturesque Marina Bay Sands for a quick photoshoot are long gone; now I am faced with the stares of fellow students and a lack of places to go. (Still thankful for my photographer Siu, who never fails to agree to my shameless requests for her help despite her busy schedule). I'll definitely find some way to continue this though- I love doing this too much.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Laid Back Blues

{top, BKK / plaid shirt, BKK / shorts, Zara / bag, BKK / shoes, Doctor Martens / pink tribal bracelet, Hollyhoque}
(photos by my dad)

Wow, I've been away from this space for so long. In my defence, it was the first week of university and my days have been pretty hectic, what with moving into hall, and trying to get through the first few lessons alive. It's been something of a hell-week, but I'm not complaining (that) much, because I've seen timetables that are much worse than mine.

Anyway, I'm back for the weekend, and 'home sweet home' has never felt more right before. I miss home-cooked food, sitting in my own study room, and sleeping in my own bed. Hall life has been good to me so far (extremely thankful to all my fellow hall mates for being such sweet and generous people) but there is really nothing quite like home. University is all about planning and one small misstep can lead to hair-pulling consequences, and everything has been overwhelming. Despite the big stack of textbooks next to me clamouring to be read, and the equally frightening stack of assignments, I'm taking some time off for myself to catch up on dramas and blog posts. 

To all the people who just started university too, good luck and have fun, whatever you are studying! It seems dreadfully tiring and strange at the moment, but I'm pretty sure (or at least I hope) that what seems foreign now will soon become second-nature. All the best xx

Monday, August 4, 2014

Shiroi Hana

{kimono, DIY | top, Lacepipe | skirt, Dressabelle | shoes, Rubi | clutch, Bugis Street | necklace, Talisman's | silver ring, Lovisa // silver band, Stroberi // rose ring, Forever 21}
(photos by Minyi and Ahmad) 

It's been a long time since I last wrote on this space-- I've just been so busy with university administrative issues, and not to mention the two camps that I signed up for. I just got back from Hall 3 Camp on Saturday, and I immediately went down with a fever and sore throat. My legs are also completely crippled with a serious case of muscle ache that refuses to allow me to walk down staircases; I've been hobbling around the house for the past couple of days. I think I'm going to prescribe myself long hours of sleep and relaxation (hey, anything to give me an excuse to laze around, right?).

Since I'm back, and I'm currently immobile in front of my computer (crippled legs and all) I decided to make some good use of my time and clear really old backlogged posts. And there you have it, my outfit for Raffles Runway RProject 2014. I think my friends and I made quite a sight traipsing through the mrt, all clad in black, with our faces made up and feet in heels. It was a wonderfully glamorous night of flashing lights, music, and glamorous models strutting down the catwalk. I've missed Runway too much. Also, many thanks to my beloved friend Minyi for agreeing to traipse around a muddy grass field with me to take these shots, and Ahmad for the behind the scene shots of Minyi and I. I can't wait to do more shoots!

So... I've always wanted a kimono, but never really liked the idea of paying hefty amounts for an item that could possibly go out of style within the next few months. I chanced upon a gorgeous black and white floral fabric in Chinatown (after walking around the place twice) and bought a couple of yards to make my very own kimono. I'm madly in love with it, but it's so impractical to wear; any ideas on how I can wear it? It seems a bit too whimsical to wear to school, so that option's out. Speaking of which, I've started moving my things into my hall room, where I'll be staying for the next year. I'm pretty psyched to start planning outfits for school! See you guys around, and say hi to me if you spot me in hall.