Saturday, April 12, 2014

New Beginnings

(dress: Dressabelle | bag: Macy's | shoes: Doctor Martens | necklace: Talisman's | arm candy: beaded bracelets Forever 21 // wristband BKK | ring: rose Forever 21 \\ hearts Diva \\ silver band Stroberi)

So... new beginnings. I recently managed to acquire a camera of my very own that I love dearly despite my inadequacies at using it... and I consider this a fresh, new start to this whole blogging experience. I used to be so frustrated because I wasn't able to capture the details of my outfit clearly, but I feel really excited now! Though of course, a clearer camera does mean that flaws become more apparent. 

About the dress-- cute little white flowers with adorable green stalks over a deep meadow green base? Who could resist? I feel as though my time to be wearing outrageous prints is running short already (it seems that the older people around me in the office generally stick to neutral or bold, plain colours that make them look extremely glamorous), so maybe it's time for me to stock up on all the prints I can for now. I do seem to have a penchant for darker colours though, but hopefully I'll be able to venture out of my comfort zone. The bag was bought by my cousin and aunt during their trip to USA and was supposed to be for my mum, but I have since appropriated it for my own use, whoops. 

Since this is a "new beginning", I'm determined to try a lot more styles and experiment. (Though no, I'm not looking forward to all the fashion mistakes again.) I'm compiling this list of must-try items, and wish me luck in actually getting around to it!
1. Pencil/bandage skirts/Skirts that are generally not flared or drapey, since my entire wardrobe is made up of the same kind of dress.
2. Boxy tops with prints, since I have way too many sleeveless tops.
3. Slim-cut printed (or non-printed) jeans.
4. More heeled shoes. Boots! Sandals! SHOES SHOES SHOES. I think I've made my point clear.

Have a lovely Sunday and an awesome week ahead. I promise to try to get better photos! Also many many many thanks to Siu, who willingly endured the burning sun with me to take my photos for me. Love you lots!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

MARCH in pictures

It feels a little strange to be doing a "March in pictures" when it's already more than a week into April, but that's where procrastination has landed me. I thought I'd do this each month, since there are photos in Instagram that never make it to my blog. Without further ado, this is MARCH in pictures.

1. Butterless Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies -- triple because the cookie is chocolate, and there are both white and dark chocolate chips inside. It's a recipe I got off the internet, and I'm still trying to find a way to make the recipe work because I altered it to my own purposes. 
2. It's been quite some time since You Who Came From The Stars ended, but I feel like I can say that it's definitely made it to the list of 'favourite shows' that I will enthusiastically recommend to anybody who is on the lookout for a good drama to watch. Also, I drew this because I fell completely in love with the houndstooth coat she wore in one of the last few episodes-- how she manages to look so effortlessly put together and perfect is beyond me. If I had the time/skill to do it, I would draw each and every one of her outfits because they all look so amazing.
3. I loved drawing this picture because I was practically bouncing in my seat every day at work, counting down the hours till I got to go home and continue drawing this, and that is the best feeling ever. Frozen must have left a larger impact on me than I thought.

4. Butterless Double Chocolate Muffins -- One of the photos taken while experimenting with my new camera, crouched over a table with the muffins. As you might be able to tell, I'm a big fan of chocolate. This is by far the best butterless chocolate recipe I've ever made.
5. On Siu's last day of work, we celebrated by buying a drink each from Starbucks (my first time ever buying one, actually) and camwhoring and taking lots of photos with our drinks. I do find it rather cool that th first drink I ever bought is coincidentally called the Hazelnut Frappe. I've developed a rather strange craving for it ever since then, unfortunately.
6. What originally started off as an attempt to paint blood red flowers on black nails ended up as something I like to call abstract art-- random streaks of red paint drawn on after a couple of failed attempts on two nails, in a bid to disguise the messed up flowers. I'd like to think that I succeeded in making them (sort-of) presentable.

7. The best thing about working life is that when I manage to leave the office on time, I get to see a different sunset every single day, since I don't reach home at any exact same time daily, and even if I did, the sky would still look different. This sunset was so gorgeous, all pinks and purples and gorgeous rays of the last sunlight streaming through the clouds.
8. I'd originally planned for this to be more elaborate, but...
9. Same sky, yet a completely different painting. This was taken in almost the exact same location (as shown by the tree silhouettes) and yet the sky looks so completely different. I could stare at the photos of the sunset all day and never stop being amazed. 

Meanwhile, I need to stop procrastinating on outfit posts, but it's difficult to do that when all I want to do is watch old Disney movies and put all thoughts of university out of my mind. It's pretty difficult though when all everyone is talking about is university, university, and yet more university. 

Outfit posts up soon, I promise! Fingers crossed.


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Off Duty

(top: Dressabelle | necklace: Lovisa | armcandy: white cuff Chinatown // beaded wristband Hollyhoque // studded wristband BKK | ring: Scape | bag: Kanken | shoes: Doctor Martens)

I have recently discovered a new-found love for pants, despite their tendency to emphasize the roundness of hips. I think it probably has something to do with the fact that part of my job scope involves me crouching in uncomfortable positions to search for documents on a shelf that is calve-height and crammed to the brim with paper-- doing this in a skirt is no mean feat. And so I begin my weekly routine of wearing pants on Friday, which is essentially the only day I get to wear jeans.
Black has also been creeping its way into my heart, manifesting itself in this monochromatic floral printed top from Dressabelle. There was a period of time when I was younger that everything I wore had to be black, but I grew out of that emo-teen phase, and eventually replaced most of the black items in my wardrobe with blues and greens and the occasional pink. But lately I've been eyeing a lot of black/white items, and my fingers are itching to just make a purchase. Perhaps it is time to play the game of 'how-long-can-hazel-last-before-buying-new-clothes?' (I suspect this feeling arises from the fact that I recently expanded my wardrobe and I now have almost double the space, which essentially translates to 'buy more clothes' in my dictionary.) 
This marks the very last post in which the photos are taken by my trusty phone camera, but I'm pretty psyched for future photos taken with my new Sony camera. (I cannot express my gratitude to my parents who probably have no idea what I'm doing with the camera, but still graciously bought it for me anyway despite the hefty price.) I'm looking forward to improving this blog, and this fashion journey of mine. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Essential Question

(top: BKK | jacket: Fabfad | armcandy: left hand BKK // right hand Beadstreet | ring: Colette Hayman | sunnies: Victoria Jomo | shoes: Vans

I think my shirt pretty much sums it all up. The essential question that weighs on my mind every night of a weekday (Hey, I'm pretty sure other people are guilty of it too)-- what shall I wear tomorrow? I have to admit that this question takes up a much larger portion of my thinking time than do many other questions. I am obviously not the type of person who could pick out anything --even a potato sack-- and still look good in it, so this question comes across as particularly important to me.

I've been in a bit of a slump recently, which basically translates as: I am too lazy to get out of the house and all I want to do is laze around in my house wearing my oldest t-shirt, shorts, and glasses. with the air-conditioning switched on (the weather is blazing hot these days, and you would never catch me wearing a jacket like what I'm wearing in these photos now), a packet of cheesy Doritos in my arms as my only companion, and Empress Ki playing on my laptop screen. (There's just something about sageuks that makes me all swoony on the inside.) I'm sorry to say that I'm something of a slob. But thank goodness I have my daily office job to get me out of the house and into the actual world, where people no longer speak with honorifics, or carry large swords sheathed in gorgeous metal sheaths at their sides, or own gorgeous gold jewelry consisting of enamelled hairpins, filigree statement necklaces and chunky earrings, or wear long, billowing skirts of the most gorgeous jewel tones with gold embroidery.

A pity, the last two things on that list. Now as the clock inches toward striking midnight, please excuse me as I need to go sit in front of my wardrobe (newly packed! But still messy, somehow.) and ponder the essential question


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Some Things Never Change

(top: BKK | pants: Uniqlo | necklace: Talisman's | shoes: Doctor Martens | socks: Citrusox | bag: BKK | armcandy: BKK | ring: red anchor ring Punkcandy // cat ring Colette Hayman | sunnies: Victoria Jomo)

It's been something of a rough week, but looking back at these photos made me feel better somehow. After graduation, we've barely had time to see each other, or even talk over messages, but meeting up always seems like a breath of fresh air. This long-awaited day (the day after Valentine's to be exact) began with a brunch-dessert at Wimbly Lu, where I think we may have weirded out the people sitting at the table in front of us with our choice of topics for discussion (we were seated at an extremely awkwardly positioned table that did not allow us to sit facing each other, but rather facing the table in front of us): Why the movie based on Frankenstein did not seem to follow that of the original novel and why the monster was hunky in the movie, whether or not Frankenstein's monster was meant to be hunky as per Frankenstein's usage of 'the best body parts', bemoaning the emphasis of the commonly misunderstood myth that the monster was called Frankenstein by the use of the movie title, and the fact that Mary Shelley would probably roll over in her grave to see this movie being produced; thereupon we moved onto Disney princes and their lack of hunky-ness (especially Prince Eric), whether the prince in Sleeping Beauty was called Philip or Alex (Philip, actually), and why Frozen seems to be lauded as the feminist movie of all times, yet is being trashed for being yet another movie moulded from traditional stereotypes. 

Blame it on the (ex- for me, at least) Lit lessons speaking through us. Or perhaps we can blame it on the sugar high from the Tiramisu, Hazelnut Butterscotch Bar, and the Blackout Cake. (All of which were perfection.) But then again, where would you ever find friends who would discuss such topics with you? 

Dinner saw me at Brook's, with another meaningful talk about life in the army, enlistment for females, and generally loud nonsense being proclaimed quite exuberantly in the middle of Art Friends, earning us a few disdainful stares and judging looks. But before that, we had such fun going to The Editor's Market and systemically working through all the racks, commenting on each article of clothing, be it good or bad. It's not everyday that you find friends who are able to do this with you; those of you who do this with your friends too will know what I mean. And while we will all eventually move on with our own individual lives, and the time taken to meet up and catch up with each other grows more scarce, may some things never change.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

90's Kid

(jacket: Fox | shoes: Doctor Martens | socks: Citrusox | bag: BKK | armcandy: BKK)
A true-blue 90s kid, in which my bulky jacket sleeves actually remind me of football players and all their padding. How many people remember the denim skirts worn around the ages of 5-7, the high socks worn throughout lower primary (and sometimes stretching to secondary school), the tiered mermaid skirts that were all the rage? It seems like the fads of the past are making a comeback, and what better way to embrace them than to dig out an old denim skirt from the depths of my cupboard? I believe I bought this skirt (grudgingly) for Chinese New Year almost 8 years back, and I could never bear to throw it away because I wore it a grand total of about two times. I'm glad it is serving its purpose now. Better late than never.  

But that aside. I was walking toward the train station yesterday after work when I looked up at the sky and realized that the world is beautiful. Well, not beautiful per se, but it's filled with beautiful things-- the clouds were layered upon each other, and you could see the exact different layers, each a different shade of grey/white/indistinguishable bluish-grey, and the sky was a myriad of brilliant blue and gloomy grey. I wanted to capture that scene forever, but somehow lack the skills to do so, be it on camera or drawings, so the picture will remain as it is, forever, in my mind. I'd been having a rather troubled weekend, so the sudden realization as I looked up at the sky and realized the brilliance of it all was a welcome breath of fresh air. I'm not too happy about the sudden downpours of rain that creep up so quickly it takes me by surprise every time-- I have plans for this week, and only so little time to execute them, so fingers crossed that the sky takes pity on me on those days. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Bringing 60s Back

(skirt: Young Hungry Free | shoes: Doctor Martens | arm candy: four beaded bracelets Forever 21 // spiked necklace worn as bracelet Infinite Pixie // studded wristband BKK | ring: Stroberi)

So, if someone had suggested to me to buy a skirt that was longer than mid-thigh a few years back, my answer would have been a very definite no. What with the wind in Singapore right now, and an accumulation of lipids in the waist-butt-thigh area due to a lack of PE lessons and an increase in stress-snacking during the job, I find myself relying on my new midi skirt more than I should. Is it a crime to want to wear the skirt every single day of the week? In fact, I'm currently on the hunt for more skirts that end way below my knee.

I recently acquired a new camera (thanks mum and pa), which makes me giggle in delight because things just got real, as in, I'm going to take proper outfit shots with a proper camera now. Ok, so I'll ignore the fact that I don't actually have anybody to take them for me. Any volunteers?

It's been a bit of a hectic rush recently, what with university open houses and interviews (actually only one) and whatnot, but I guess this is all inevitable anyway. Til the next time, lovelies.