Sunday, August 9, 2015


(maxi, Fayth / sandals, The Closet Lover / turquoise cuff, Azensg / arrow ring, Stroberi, eternity ring, Lovisa / necklace, Lovisa)
(photos by Aileen)

Before I begin: Happy 50th Birthday, Singapore!

I am ever thankful for friends who indulge me in my requests for them to help me take photos. I turn 20 this year and that's a huge milestone, for me at least, so I wanted to put more effort into this set of photos that I intended to post up on Instagram for my birthday. I spent a good part of my morning on a floating platform overlooking the sea, and had a good Eggs Benedict to sate my insatiable appetite for all things brunch.  

But moving onto this dress - I originally noticed it only because I wanted to buy it as a birthday present for a friend, but then I had to buy one for myself. It was a hasty decision made in my hostel room that involved me running to a neighbour's room to bang on her door to ask for her opinion, and I ended up buying it within five minutes. It's a really flowy fabric, printed with the most gorgeous flowers in shades of blue, and is what I imagine a nereid would like to wear.

According to Greek mythology, the Nereids are sea nymphs that symbolize everything beautiful and kind at sea.

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