Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Curse of the Checkered Shirt

{shirt, The Blackground / outerwear, BKK / pants, H&M / shoes, Bugis Street / bag, Kanken}

When Xinyi learned that I had never eaten a Chinese meal at a Chinese restaurant, she was appropriately horrified, and then proceeded to say that we definitely had to try Chinese food for once. I agreed, me being the food-dummy that I am. So that saw us at Paradise Dynasty one Friday evening, with myself all excited to try Chinese food at a proper Chinese restaurant for the first time ever. The xiaolongbao were juicy and tasty, and I'm already drooling just looking at pictures of my Braised Pork La Mian, which probably tells you how much I liked it (the soup base is delicious). Perhaps all these bouts of good food (with TFBB in the previous blog post the very next day after Chinese food) are to blame for my recent weight increase? Though I find myself hard-pressed to deny that it was worth it.

Fridays should be renamed "Checkered-Shirt-Day", because it is the attire of choice on the last day of a week. And course, not wanting to stand out like a sore thumb, I decided to do my own version of the Friday staple. I'm pretty sure I still stood out quite horribly, but ah well, you're only young once. Decked out in my new skinnies and a borrowed pair of floral sneakers (which were way too small for me, but the things I do for clothes surprise even myself) with SWAG scribbled across my front. The best way to spend a Friday.

So, how's your week been? Mine has been pretty hectic; I got a new 'task' in my job, which has me running all over the office, though maybe that will help work off the 2 kilograms I put onto myself since my school life ended. I think those macarons my colleague baked and my numerous indulgences in mint dark chocolate MnMs and salted pretzels sticks (consuming these two food items should be a sin) may have something to do with the increase on the weighing scale. Just a guess.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Overloaded on Houndstooth

{top, H&M / skirt, BKK / necklace, Infinte Pixie / socks, Daiso / shoes, Doctor Martens / bag, Bugis Street / ring, Lovisa}
(photos by Jess)

The first weekend of May saw me at a fantastically whimsical location in the middle of a park-- a sugar-spun confection of white walls and beautiful cakes in glass domes, light wood tables and cheery yellow flowers, so aptly named The Fabulous Baker Boy. What better way to celebrate my favourite girl's birthday than with cake? And not just any cake: Salted Caramel, The Ristretto, & Apple Cider, preluded by Dark Chocolate Pancakes. Lets just say that the buttercream was divine, the chocolate was almost close to heavenly, and I indulged myself in way too much maple syrup than I should have. I'm not sorry. My sweet tooth prevented me from trying the brunch items on the menu as it clamoured for the sweet treats, but I will be sure to go back again.

Black and white has not yet lost its appeal to me, and neither has houndstooth. Does the print on my top remind anybody of a distorted version of the houndstooth print? That was the first thing that I thought of when I saw the top, and when I touched the furry cloth and tried it on, I was sold. My socks were a surprise find from Daiso - I know, who buys socks at Daiso? - and they manage to help me masquerade my footwear as a pair of pseudo-boots with cute little reindeer dancing across them, no less! I'm still searching for the perfect pair of Chelsea Boots, and I know I have my eye on some Jeffrey Campbells I saw online (they have the best boots ever) so fingers crossed that they will actually be in a physical store here in Singapore.

So, how's your week been? Mine has been a whirlwind of busy, and I'm so glad that it's Friday. It's going to be a bit of an action packed weekend too, so hopefully I get some time for a breather. Happy weekend!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Superhero Wannabe

{top, Bugis Street / pants, H&M / shoes, Doctor Martens / socks, Citrusox / bag, Kanken / necklace, New Look / ring, Colette Hayman}
(photos by my dad)

Oh nothing, just fighting crime and trying to save the world. With Batman across my chest and a sneaky Catwoman on my fingers, I'm pretty much ready to take on the world. Or at least I can, in my wannabe fantasies. We all have them, I'm sure.

I do not normally wear pants, or even consider the notion of wearing pants, but that aversion is fast fading, because I am somehow madly in love with my striped pair. And yes, they do make me feel all superhero-y, because superheroes are allowed to prance around town in nothing short of latex bodysuits and wrongly worn undergarments, and wearing stripes on my bottom is just about as outrageous as it gets for me. Sorry, I'm a bit of a wimp here.

Dressed in my superhero look, I went gallivanting around the Orchard area, having Omakase Burgers with the parents-- Applewood Smoked Bacon Cheeseburger, Truffle Fries, and some kind of Chicken Burger. Hey, even superheroes need their food, and I am a great meat lover.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Thrown Together

{top, Cotton On / jacket, Fabfad / skirt, Toa Pa Yoh / necklace, Diva / bird ring, Talisman's / anchor ring, Punkcandy / shoes, Doctor Martens / clutch, The Vintage Stash}
(Photos by Siu Farn)

Isn't my new clutch the sweetest? I was so excited to receive it in the mail. Yes, I love my name enough to have it stamped on a clutch, such that the whole world can know it and revel in it. I'm kidding. As per the title, this outfit was quite literally thrown together in a rush. I know I haven't been wearing too many colours recently due to my recent obsession with the blacks and whites, so hopefully this red skirt makes up for the absence of colour on my blog. I think I'm just stuck in a rut where colours just don't look good to or on me, so everything I have been buying has been either black or white. 

Life has been... neutrally lukewarm recently-- maybe that's another way to phrase the adjective 'stable'. Nothing exciting has happened, and nothing out of the ordinary either, which I suppose should be good news, given my fear of the unexpected. I'm still planning loads more outfits, but my beloved photographer will be leaving her internship soon and I will have no one to help me with my photos soon. I'll try to figure something out, maybe play a little with my new tripod (thanks to a cousin). My vacation trip has also been finalized, and I'm really psyched for that, but more on that later. 

Happy mid-week! Only two more days to Friday, thank goodness. This weekend is my junior's fashion show RProject 2014, and I'm really excited-- it will be the first time I get to sit down and enjoy the show instead of running around making sure guests find their seats, or doing other various errands. I'm looking forward to it with bated breath.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

In The Nude...Pink

{top, The OOTD / shorts, BKK / bag, BKK / necklace, New Look / cat ring, Colette Hayman / beaded bracelets, Forever 21 / shoes, Foggiare}
(Photos by Vivian)

Last night, I had a dream in which someone gifted me with a pair of stiletto pumps-- minimalist, black, and sleek. In my dream, I was naturally hesitant to put them on (I seemed to be in a rush to get to somewhere) but I put my feet in them anyway. Lo and behold, the shoes felt like cushions on my feet, and I could magically balance and strut around in them as though I had been walking in heels since I could actually walk. I was speed walking, even, and it felt like heaven. Figures though, that such shoes have yet to be invented. I was telling a friend about this particular dream, and her reaction went something along the lines of "yeah, but they don't exist." It brings new meaning to the phrase, 'a girl can dream', doesn't it? Well, I'm waiting for that day when women can enjoy the magic of heels without having to suffer the pain. Hey, you never know.

It's funny how I've noticed that Singapore can be really beautiful too. I lucked out on finding this place to take my outfit photos at, against a backdrop of trees that looks pretty amazing. An outfit with pink? Pretty rare for me, but I find that I like the pairing of stark black against innocent pink. Plus, black is supposed to be slimming, and I need all the slimming I can get after my meal of a Bacon Sandwich at Kith Cafe, consisting of bacon, avocado, and poached eggs atop a bed of foccacia. Throw on some gold-toned accessories and you're good to go-- I must admit I am a little obsessed with my cat-ear ring. Recent obsessions include a hunt for a pair of boyfriend jeans (ripped subtly) to sate my thirst for new pairs of pants, a pair that will somehow squeeze itself into my minimal spending budget and magically fit on me. Yup, a girl can dream.

Have a very happy week ahead, and thank goodness for four-day-long weeks!