Thursday, May 1, 2014

Denim Shift Dress

{dress, Dressabelle / shoes, Doctor Martens / ring, Sasa / necklace, Talisman's / bag, London}
(Photos by Siu Farn)

I had a lovely lunch with Siu a couple of weeks ago, seated under a canopy of leafy trees at a place overlooking the Singapore River, talking about random things and screeching whenever a pigeon or crow came within one metre of us, and discovering that pigeons can actually widen their eyes. (It actually makes for a rather comical expression.) The weather was blazing hot, as it is now everyday, but it was a brilliant time for a chat.

It must be rather ironic that just when I discovered a new love for all things shift-like, the strong winds buffeting my flared skirts around died down, leaving behind only the sweltering heat. Thanks so much, weather. But then again, I wish I had discovered how flattering shift dresses were long ago. A straight cut that seems to hide the stomach and skims the hips, giving the illusion of a more streamlined figure? What's not to love? The funny thing about wearing this dress was that everyone in the office thought that I had a 'hot date' on that night, but I think that may have been due to the fact that I do not usually keep my hair up in the office. Practically every single colleague mentioned my 'new look' to me, or asked if I had plans for the night. And while I am rather flattered that my outfits actually do get noticed, it all came across as rather amusing. No, I did not have plans on that night (forever alone), and a girl should also be allowed to bun up her hair and dress up whenever she feels like it.

And you know how everyone says that a little black dress is essential in a wardrobe? I don't have a single one, and I say, forget the LBD-- everyone needs a DSD. (Denim Shift Dress, in case you didn't catch that)
Happy Labour Day!

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  1. omg i need these shoes! i have just fake ones :( love the outfit! :)