Sunday, May 4, 2014

APRIL in pictures

Behold, the April edition of my Instagram photos.
1. White Chocolate Mocha treat from my cousin, which tastes nothing like coffee-- perfect (albeit a tad too sweet) for me, since I cannot understand why people like the bitter taste of coffee.
2. A really gorgeous tree in front of one of my neighbour's house-- it has the prettiest flowers but I have no idea what tree it is.
3. Matchy-matchy shoes with the fallen flower petals on the floor-- I love the time of the year when the trees bloom, because it seems so rare in Singapore.
4. Spontaneous lunch with Leen at Cedele, in our sloppiest clothes and spectacles, with way too much bread because we were too excited about the bread bar.
5. Smiley face butterless chocolate chip cookies that ended up looking a bit like Domo Kun because I did not space them out properly on the tray.
6. A close up of the flowers on the tree (in picture 2)-- one word: Beautiful.
7. Mystery muffin that was on my table when I arrived at work one morning (it turns out a colleague baked it).
8. Butterless White Chocolate Raisin Muffins from a basic plain muffin base recipe I found. Mmm raisins.
9. The Singapore version of Sakura-- I took this photo at a garden near my house when the trees were in full bloom. The feeling of watching the pink velvety petals float gently to a floor already covered in a tapestry of flowers is beyond divine.
10. My first ever company dinner at an Indonesian restaurant-- a fun and new experience.
11. The staff canteen actually had an Easter feast day, with aglio olio, chicken kebab, garlic bread, and even an Easter Egg jelly. How cute is that!
12. Macdonald's has totally levelled up their ice cream cones. Enough said.
13. Japanese Spaghetti with Shimeiji mushrooms, bacon, and salmon-- had dinner with my brotherhood, and I have missed them so very much.
14. My shopping hauls from H&M, and I love them so much that I have already worn all of them and fallen more deeply in love with them.
15. Butterless Mudcake (recipe from averlynn's) that was gobbled up really quickly by the family.
16. My new buy from The Vintage Stash, along with a gifted notebook from them. Everything is customized and pretty amazing, so they're worth checking out on Facebook.
17. Easter nails, which are quite possibly the most complicated nails I've ever done. I don't celebrate Easter, but hey, at least I can have the commercialized versions of Easter in the form of bunnies and chicks and Easter eggs on my fingers.
18. A chocolate cupcake with minty butter frosting from a colleague, the moment I stepped into the office. It was delicious. I am getting fat.
19. I made the long, hot walk to Amoy Street for lunch, and a colleague treated me to Fish Dumpling Horfun (on the second floor), which is quite possibly the best dumplings I have ever eaten in my life. Even right now, I am craving for them.
20. Close ups of electric blue laser cut-outs and jersey pinstripes. Just because I can.
21. The search for the perfect and elusive Butterless Double Chocolate Chip Cookie continues, though these did turn out much better than my previous attempt.
22. A colleague had free coupons for Starbuck's new drinks, so I managed to snag a Banana & Mango Frappucino, which basically reminds me of a smoothie.

Outfit posts up soon, I promise! I'm just dead on my feet today.
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