Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Thrown Together

{top, Cotton On / jacket, Fabfad / skirt, Toa Pa Yoh / necklace, Diva / bird ring, Talisman's / anchor ring, Punkcandy / shoes, Doctor Martens / clutch, The Vintage Stash}
(Photos by Siu Farn)

Isn't my new clutch the sweetest? I was so excited to receive it in the mail. Yes, I love my name enough to have it stamped on a clutch, such that the whole world can know it and revel in it. I'm kidding. As per the title, this outfit was quite literally thrown together in a rush. I know I haven't been wearing too many colours recently due to my recent obsession with the blacks and whites, so hopefully this red skirt makes up for the absence of colour on my blog. I think I'm just stuck in a rut where colours just don't look good to or on me, so everything I have been buying has been either black or white. 

Life has been... neutrally lukewarm recently-- maybe that's another way to phrase the adjective 'stable'. Nothing exciting has happened, and nothing out of the ordinary either, which I suppose should be good news, given my fear of the unexpected. I'm still planning loads more outfits, but my beloved photographer will be leaving her internship soon and I will have no one to help me with my photos soon. I'll try to figure something out, maybe play a little with my new tripod (thanks to a cousin). My vacation trip has also been finalized, and I'm really psyched for that, but more on that later. 

Happy mid-week! Only two more days to Friday, thank goodness. This weekend is my junior's fashion show RProject 2014, and I'm really excited-- it will be the first time I get to sit down and enjoy the show instead of running around making sure guests find their seats, or doing other various errands. I'm looking forward to it with bated breath.

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