Sunday, May 11, 2014

In The Nude...Pink

{top, The OOTD / shorts, BKK / bag, BKK / necklace, New Look / cat ring, Colette Hayman / beaded bracelets, Forever 21 / shoes, Foggiare}
(Photos by Vivian)

Last night, I had a dream in which someone gifted me with a pair of stiletto pumps-- minimalist, black, and sleek. In my dream, I was naturally hesitant to put them on (I seemed to be in a rush to get to somewhere) but I put my feet in them anyway. Lo and behold, the shoes felt like cushions on my feet, and I could magically balance and strut around in them as though I had been walking in heels since I could actually walk. I was speed walking, even, and it felt like heaven. Figures though, that such shoes have yet to be invented. I was telling a friend about this particular dream, and her reaction went something along the lines of "yeah, but they don't exist." It brings new meaning to the phrase, 'a girl can dream', doesn't it? Well, I'm waiting for that day when women can enjoy the magic of heels without having to suffer the pain. Hey, you never know.

It's funny how I've noticed that Singapore can be really beautiful too. I lucked out on finding this place to take my outfit photos at, against a backdrop of trees that looks pretty amazing. An outfit with pink? Pretty rare for me, but I find that I like the pairing of stark black against innocent pink. Plus, black is supposed to be slimming, and I need all the slimming I can get after my meal of a Bacon Sandwich at Kith Cafe, consisting of bacon, avocado, and poached eggs atop a bed of foccacia. Throw on some gold-toned accessories and you're good to go-- I must admit I am a little obsessed with my cat-ear ring. Recent obsessions include a hunt for a pair of boyfriend jeans (ripped subtly) to sate my thirst for new pairs of pants, a pair that will somehow squeeze itself into my minimal spending budget and magically fit on me. Yup, a girl can dream.

Have a very happy week ahead, and thank goodness for four-day-long weeks!

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