Monday, February 24, 2014

Military Blue

(dress: Dressabelle | cardigan: New Look | shoes: Doctor Martens | necklace: Infinite Pixie)

This dress has fast become one of my favourites, what with the undying windy season and all. The fabric is  heavier, and there's less of it around the skirt area to fly up at the most embarrassing moments, despite the numerous buttons that threaten to break my nails every time I attempt to undo them to get into the dress. The row of brass coloured buttons down the front and the rough, tweed-like material never fail to make me feel a little more military though-- but all's good since I need all the strength I can get to march into the building every morning to start work. 

These photos were taken during the first few weeks of work, when Siu and I were experimenting with taking photos and I was still very much of an awkward turtle in front of her (I think I've rather improved since then). We've improved, but sadly she'll be taking a break from work to do other things for one month, which means that for the whole month I'll have nobody to take my photos for me, and I don't think I'm bold enough to balance the camera on the ledge and attempt to take my own photos. 

After a long, tiring day travelling to different tour agencies yesterday, the good news is that a tour has finally been booked. I'm not going to say when or where, in case I jinx the thing, since nothing is really confirmed yet, but I'm really psyched and I can't wait!


Friday, February 21, 2014

Monochrome Paisley

(dress: Dressabelle | necklace: Talisman's | clutch: Bugis Street | ring: Lovisa | shoes: Doctor Martens)

It's been so long that I can't even remember exactly what I did on this day, but I remember a seafood smorgasbord and the most unique cake I've eaten in a long time, complete with bubbling vanilla sauce on a hot plate and thick slices of pineapple within, at Manhattan Fish Market. I'm not a fan of the fruit, but in a cake, or a tart, it's one of the most delicious things to eat ever. Long live the pineapple. 

Something about this dress screams babydoll to me somehow. It could be the uneven hem that's a little shorter in the front, or the high waist that sits snugly on my ribcage, making the dress shorter than it actually is (though this could partly be attributed to my height) but I felt all whimsical and fancy free in this dress. I'm pretty sure the crazy swirling paisley print all over it helped, too. That, and the old pair of recycled white school socks-- yup, I bet you never thought that those nerdy regulation white school socks you once hated could actually look cute. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Voluminous Metallics

(top: Cotton On | necklace: Diva | skirt: BKK | shoes: Rubi | bracelet: Talisman's | rings: Stroberi)

Lurid floral prints, a metallic sheen, and overall over-the-top craziness? Check. I think my love for floral prints is quite obvious, but this skirt really takes the cake, what with the loud floral print in just about every flower imaginable. It's impossible not to love this skirt. My beaded bracelet also saw its last days with this outfit-- RIP, you'll be greatly missed. 

It's been a rather hectic weekend, and I expect it to get even worse in the upcoming weeks because of all the university open houses and life decisions and such. Whatever happened to the good old days when decision making involved which ice cream flavour to get, or which game to play? Making life decisions is never easy, especially not at this age, when you've no idea where you want to go, or what you want to do. One thing is for certain, though: Blogging fashion is something that I desperately want to do, and I'm going to keep doing it, come high or hell water. 

xx have a lovely week ahead. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tell Me Your Wish

(top: Cotton On | jacket: Fabfad | skirt: Bugis Street | necklace: Talisman's | ring: Talisman's | arm candy: spiked bracelet Talisman's // black bracelets Beadstreet | shoes: Doctor Martens)

A day out with the family to Suntec City to source for a birthday present for the mother. I wear contacts and makeup daily to work, and sometimes I just get too lazy to go through the whole procedure during the weekends, when I just want to laze around on the couch at home. Weekends were meant for that kind of lounging, I swear. Even so, I had to make myself presentable to step out of the house.

My new navy biker jacket from Fabfad is just about all kinds of awesome-- I love the fit, the colour, and the feeling of wearing it. It comes as a little downer to me that the weather in Singapore is turning hot again-- though I have some hopes, since the past few days have been rather windy. And as much as I try to stay away from dark blues and blacks, it seems as though I gravitate toward them naturally-- this whole outfit is composed of the dark, dreary shades, and for once I would love to own something in a startling bright red. Put that on the clothes wishlist, please. 

It occurred to me one day suddenly that this outfit reminded me of the sailor outfits worn in Girls Generation's Tell Me Your Wish, or perhaps that's just my too-imaginative mind running wild. You can't blame a girl for wanting to look like them, after all. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Yellow Lace Shift

(dress: Dressabelle | clutch: Bugis Street | shoes: Covet | necklace: Lovisa | bracelet: Pearlavish | rings: Stroberi)

A day out for lunch at Kith Cafe with Cheryl many many weeks ago. XT has been working there for a vacation job and she looked positively happy and alive to be dashing around churning out orders despite the tough job (my one week job in retail probably put me off it for life). Cheryl and I both had the Big Breakfast, with brioche bread, homemade strawberry jam, a perfectly soft yet firm grilled tomato, crispy bacon, and amazing sautéed mushrooms, not to mention soft and buttery scrambled eggs. The brioche helpings were way too generous (though very buttery and delicious) and the jam a tad less sweet than my sweet tooth prefers, but the mushrooms and tomato were divine. 

It's funny how I never realized how flattering shift dresses were-- I used to wear this dress with a belt cinched around my waist and felt impossibly elephantine, but this dress honestly is a dream, albeit a tad too short.  I love the lace sleeves and the scalloped hem. Also, red lips and yellow shift dresses yeah? They make the perfect combination.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Girly Navy

(cardigan: BKK | dress: Robinsons | belt: Talisman's | shoes: Doctor Martens | armcandy: spike bracelet Talisman's // charm bracelet gift | ring: Punkcandy)

Yet another 'casual' Friday at the office. How casual is casual? The photos do not do justice to the lovely flower print on the skirt of the dress, but the close up of my arm candy does show peeks of the print. 

It has been an immensely busy week at the office; work is sporadic and comes in large bursts occasionally and that is perhaps the most stressful thing about working. Last week, I was practically twiddling my thumbs, and this week, I'm rolling in work. On a brighter note, we had lion dances and lao yu sheng at the office today to celebrate the 7th day of the New Year, which provided a much needed distraction to the mundanity of office life. 


Monday, February 3, 2014

Back In Time

(outerwear: H&M | top: Cotton On | shorts: Cotton On | necklace: Forever 21 | armcandy: spiked bracelet Talisman's // studded wristband & braided wristband BKK | rings: Diva)

I remember a time when I used to tie my jackets around the waist-- it was all the rage when I was all of 5-8 years old. Then I got older, and it seemed like all the things like a waterbottle sling, and jackets tied around the waist became somewhat of a childish thing, and the "cooler" version of me at 9 years old would never have tied a jacket around her waist.

Well guess what? Ten years down the road, and here I am yet again, with something tied around my waist, a la five-year-old style. Some things never get old. The knitted jackets in bright colours (hand-knit by my mum in the past) have been replaced by a much more practical shirt in my favourite colour, but essentially the concept is the same, except this time tying the shirt around my waist made me feel like the cool kid, and not the nerdy kiddo. 

My sister had a project to do at the library, so I had a fun day with the parents, despite their disapproving stares at my midriff baring tank top. I wore the shirt as an outerwear for most of the shopping trip, because the cold air blowing at me was too much to bear. I had some kimchi dumplings, Pezzo Pizza and Chocolate Origin Lava Cake (extra fun because my parents were trying lava cake for the first time ever) and all in all, ate way more than I was supposed to. Since I'm wearing the midriff baring shirt with a suspiciously bulging midsection, I guess it's about time to hit the yoga mat. (Chinese New Year goodies just made my job that much harder.)