Friday, February 21, 2014

Monochrome Paisley

(dress: Dressabelle | necklace: Talisman's | clutch: Bugis Street | ring: Lovisa | shoes: Doctor Martens)

It's been so long that I can't even remember exactly what I did on this day, but I remember a seafood smorgasbord and the most unique cake I've eaten in a long time, complete with bubbling vanilla sauce on a hot plate and thick slices of pineapple within, at Manhattan Fish Market. I'm not a fan of the fruit, but in a cake, or a tart, it's one of the most delicious things to eat ever. Long live the pineapple. 

Something about this dress screams babydoll to me somehow. It could be the uneven hem that's a little shorter in the front, or the high waist that sits snugly on my ribcage, making the dress shorter than it actually is (though this could partly be attributed to my height) but I felt all whimsical and fancy free in this dress. I'm pretty sure the crazy swirling paisley print all over it helped, too. That, and the old pair of recycled white school socks-- yup, I bet you never thought that those nerdy regulation white school socks you once hated could actually look cute. 

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