Sunday, February 9, 2014

Yellow Lace Shift

(dress: Dressabelle | clutch: Bugis Street | shoes: Covet | necklace: Lovisa | bracelet: Pearlavish | rings: Stroberi)

A day out for lunch at Kith Cafe with Cheryl many many weeks ago. XT has been working there for a vacation job and she looked positively happy and alive to be dashing around churning out orders despite the tough job (my one week job in retail probably put me off it for life). Cheryl and I both had the Big Breakfast, with brioche bread, homemade strawberry jam, a perfectly soft yet firm grilled tomato, crispy bacon, and amazing sautéed mushrooms, not to mention soft and buttery scrambled eggs. The brioche helpings were way too generous (though very buttery and delicious) and the jam a tad less sweet than my sweet tooth prefers, but the mushrooms and tomato were divine. 

It's funny how I never realized how flattering shift dresses were-- I used to wear this dress with a belt cinched around my waist and felt impossibly elephantine, but this dress honestly is a dream, albeit a tad too short.  I love the lace sleeves and the scalloped hem. Also, red lips and yellow shift dresses yeah? They make the perfect combination.

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