Monday, February 24, 2014

Military Blue

(dress: Dressabelle | cardigan: New Look | shoes: Doctor Martens | necklace: Infinite Pixie)

This dress has fast become one of my favourites, what with the undying windy season and all. The fabric is  heavier, and there's less of it around the skirt area to fly up at the most embarrassing moments, despite the numerous buttons that threaten to break my nails every time I attempt to undo them to get into the dress. The row of brass coloured buttons down the front and the rough, tweed-like material never fail to make me feel a little more military though-- but all's good since I need all the strength I can get to march into the building every morning to start work. 

These photos were taken during the first few weeks of work, when Siu and I were experimenting with taking photos and I was still very much of an awkward turtle in front of her (I think I've rather improved since then). We've improved, but sadly she'll be taking a break from work to do other things for one month, which means that for the whole month I'll have nobody to take my photos for me, and I don't think I'm bold enough to balance the camera on the ledge and attempt to take my own photos. 

After a long, tiring day travelling to different tour agencies yesterday, the good news is that a tour has finally been booked. I'm not going to say when or where, in case I jinx the thing, since nothing is really confirmed yet, but I'm really psyched and I can't wait!


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