Sunday, March 2, 2014

Spring Florals

(necklace: Lovisa | dress: Dressabelle | bracelet: Accessorize | rings: silver ring Lovisa // gold rose ring Stroberi // white rose ring Sasa | shoes: Rubi | bag: Miu Miu)

So, it seems like my long-time habit of dragging out posts has come back; this was meant to be posted for Chinese New Year, at least a month back. Still, please forgive me for the long absence-- this past week has been something like hell on earth, and I'm not even sure if it will be getting any worse tomorrow (just for the record, tomorrow is results collection day, something I've not been looking forward to at all). 

Chinese New Year seems like a time to be wearing red and all sorts of auspicious colours, but for the me of the past, it was a much dreaded occasion in which I could not wear my frequented colours of black (shirt) and black/denim (shorts). Those days are long over, but I don't find myself any closer to leaning toward the auspicious colour of bright red, so perhaps a little white dress with muted watercolour floral prints will do? It must have been something like love at first sight for this dress, when I saw it on the website, and I bought it almost immediately. The prints are too delicate and pretty, and so deliciously feminine. It also compounds my fear of dripping something on it and ruining it forever. I tend to do that to white things. Also, as some sort of disclaimer, the bag is my mother's, borrowed only for the purpose of photo taking. It was a complete coincidence that she happened to bring a white bag along.

Last Friday started off badly, but it turned out that my whining was something like a storm brewing in the tea cup because things only got much worse from then on. Many bad news, difficult choices, and overall angst. May this week be better, and may my white dress live a very long life in my wardrobe.

PS, as a side note, You Who Came From The Stars just ended its broadcast this week, and I loved the show so much I had to draw something. I feel like if I started talking about it, my monologue would never end, so you'll just have to check the show out for yourself, because it is worth it.

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