Sunday, March 9, 2014


(top: Uniqlo | skirt: In House Fashion | necklace: Lovisa | armcandy: Talisman's | ring: Talisman's | clutch: Bugis Street | shoes: Doctor Martens)

I've recently been on the hunt for tops with sleeves (realized that too much of my wardrobe involves sleeveless things and my flabby arms are screaming protest), more specifically boxy tops with sleeves that fall to the elbow, or perhaps a little shorter than that. When I first saw this shirt in Uniqlo, I gave it slightly more than a cursory glance, but dismissed it as I was too lazy to try it on. It kept niggling away at my mind though, so after an impulsive trip to another Uniqlo branch that I passed by a few days later, and an equally impulsive buy, I am happy to say that this shirt has made its way safely to my wardrobe. I've already worn it twice within the span of a month, which is pretty impressive, if I do say so myself.

The task of reinventing my wardrobe and recreating my style has always been an extremely tempting one, but nevertheless one that does not seem too possible in the near future-- I can't bear to throw away old clothes, even though I no longer fancy them, because there is always the 'but I may wear them again someday!'. We all know that 'someday' will most likely never come. In any case, having a job and a relatively decent pay for a student gives me the privilege of buying more things now with my own money, though somehow it is hardwired in my Asian frugal mentality that spending money is bad, while the other half of me is clamouring for that printed cutout top I saw yesterday, or that cute shift dress in the shop over there. 

xx Til the next time, lovelies. It's been so busy at the office these days that I barely have enough time for myself, and that time is spent rewatching my favourite Korean dramas. There will never be enough time to do everything I want, or maybe the lure of Korean dramas is just too great.

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