Tuesday, March 18, 2014

90's Kid

(jacket: Fox | shoes: Doctor Martens | socks: Citrusox | bag: BKK | armcandy: BKK)
A true-blue 90s kid, in which my bulky jacket sleeves actually remind me of football players and all their padding. How many people remember the denim skirts worn around the ages of 5-7, the high socks worn throughout lower primary (and sometimes stretching to secondary school), the tiered mermaid skirts that were all the rage? It seems like the fads of the past are making a comeback, and what better way to embrace them than to dig out an old denim skirt from the depths of my cupboard? I believe I bought this skirt (grudgingly) for Chinese New Year almost 8 years back, and I could never bear to throw it away because I wore it a grand total of about two times. I'm glad it is serving its purpose now. Better late than never.  

But that aside. I was walking toward the train station yesterday after work when I looked up at the sky and realized that the world is beautiful. Well, not beautiful per se, but it's filled with beautiful things-- the clouds were layered upon each other, and you could see the exact different layers, each a different shade of grey/white/indistinguishable bluish-grey, and the sky was a myriad of brilliant blue and gloomy grey. I wanted to capture that scene forever, but somehow lack the skills to do so, be it on camera or drawings, so the picture will remain as it is, forever, in my mind. I'd been having a rather troubled weekend, so the sudden realization as I looked up at the sky and realized the brilliance of it all was a welcome breath of fresh air. I'm not too happy about the sudden downpours of rain that creep up so quickly it takes me by surprise every time-- I have plans for this week, and only so little time to execute them, so fingers crossed that the sky takes pity on me on those days. 

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