Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Some Things Never Change

(top: BKK | pants: Uniqlo | necklace: Talisman's | shoes: Doctor Martens | socks: Citrusox | bag: BKK | armcandy: BKK | ring: red anchor ring Punkcandy // cat ring Colette Hayman | sunnies: Victoria Jomo)

It's been something of a rough week, but looking back at these photos made me feel better somehow. After graduation, we've barely had time to see each other, or even talk over messages, but meeting up always seems like a breath of fresh air. This long-awaited day (the day after Valentine's to be exact) began with a brunch-dessert at Wimbly Lu, where I think we may have weirded out the people sitting at the table in front of us with our choice of topics for discussion (we were seated at an extremely awkwardly positioned table that did not allow us to sit facing each other, but rather facing the table in front of us): Why the movie based on Frankenstein did not seem to follow that of the original novel and why the monster was hunky in the movie, whether or not Frankenstein's monster was meant to be hunky as per Frankenstein's usage of 'the best body parts', bemoaning the emphasis of the commonly misunderstood myth that the monster was called Frankenstein by the use of the movie title, and the fact that Mary Shelley would probably roll over in her grave to see this movie being produced; thereupon we moved onto Disney princes and their lack of hunky-ness (especially Prince Eric), whether the prince in Sleeping Beauty was called Philip or Alex (Philip, actually), and why Frozen seems to be lauded as the feminist movie of all times, yet is being trashed for being yet another movie moulded from traditional stereotypes. 

Blame it on the (ex- for me, at least) Lit lessons speaking through us. Or perhaps we can blame it on the sugar high from the Tiramisu, Hazelnut Butterscotch Bar, and the Blackout Cake. (All of which were perfection.) But then again, where would you ever find friends who would discuss such topics with you? 

Dinner saw me at Brook's, with another meaningful talk about life in the army, enlistment for females, and generally loud nonsense being proclaimed quite exuberantly in the middle of Art Friends, earning us a few disdainful stares and judging looks. But before that, we had such fun going to The Editor's Market and systemically working through all the racks, commenting on each article of clothing, be it good or bad. It's not everyday that you find friends who are able to do this with you; those of you who do this with your friends too will know what I mean. And while we will all eventually move on with our own individual lives, and the time taken to meet up and catch up with each other grows more scarce, may some things never change.


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