Friday, March 14, 2014

Bringing 60s Back

(skirt: Young Hungry Free | shoes: Doctor Martens | arm candy: four beaded bracelets Forever 21 // spiked necklace worn as bracelet Infinite Pixie // studded wristband BKK | ring: Stroberi)

So, if someone had suggested to me to buy a skirt that was longer than mid-thigh a few years back, my answer would have been a very definite no. What with the wind in Singapore right now, and an accumulation of lipids in the waist-butt-thigh area due to a lack of PE lessons and an increase in stress-snacking during the job, I find myself relying on my new midi skirt more than I should. Is it a crime to want to wear the skirt every single day of the week? In fact, I'm currently on the hunt for more skirts that end way below my knee.

I recently acquired a new camera (thanks mum and pa), which makes me giggle in delight because things just got real, as in, I'm going to take proper outfit shots with a proper camera now. Ok, so I'll ignore the fact that I don't actually have anybody to take them for me. Any volunteers?

It's been a bit of a hectic rush recently, what with university open houses and interviews (actually only one) and whatnot, but I guess this is all inevitable anyway. Til the next time, lovelies.

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