Monday, February 3, 2014

Back In Time

(outerwear: H&M | top: Cotton On | shorts: Cotton On | necklace: Forever 21 | armcandy: spiked bracelet Talisman's // studded wristband & braided wristband BKK | rings: Diva)

I remember a time when I used to tie my jackets around the waist-- it was all the rage when I was all of 5-8 years old. Then I got older, and it seemed like all the things like a waterbottle sling, and jackets tied around the waist became somewhat of a childish thing, and the "cooler" version of me at 9 years old would never have tied a jacket around her waist.

Well guess what? Ten years down the road, and here I am yet again, with something tied around my waist, a la five-year-old style. Some things never get old. The knitted jackets in bright colours (hand-knit by my mum in the past) have been replaced by a much more practical shirt in my favourite colour, but essentially the concept is the same, except this time tying the shirt around my waist made me feel like the cool kid, and not the nerdy kiddo. 

My sister had a project to do at the library, so I had a fun day with the parents, despite their disapproving stares at my midriff baring tank top. I wore the shirt as an outerwear for most of the shopping trip, because the cold air blowing at me was too much to bear. I had some kimchi dumplings, Pezzo Pizza and Chocolate Origin Lava Cake (extra fun because my parents were trying lava cake for the first time ever) and all in all, ate way more than I was supposed to. Since I'm wearing the midriff baring shirt with a suspiciously bulging midsection, I guess it's about time to hit the yoga mat. (Chinese New Year goodies just made my job that much harder.)

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