Friday, January 31, 2014

Drab Blue

 (top: BKK | skirt: Bugis Street | shoes: Rubi | armcandy: black bracelets Beadstreet // dolphin bracelet Bali // green string bracelet Accessorize)

Casual Fridays at the office are somewhat of a pain-- do I really dress casual, or do I still wear a dress appropriate for the office? More often than not, I find myself still donning a dress, just the same. This was actually the only Friday that I actually wore a shirt and skirt, albeit in boring boring boring shades of the same colour. As it goes, it's way too windy for me to wearing skirts of this length any longer; just this morning, somebody in front of me was upskirted, and then later again it happened to another person on my way back home. Thankfully, the fashion gods saw fit to smile on me today; I was wearing a shin-length midi that billowed up threateningly but fortunately did not result in any embarrassing accidents.

It scares me a little that we have such winds in Singapore, because honestly, we've never had them before-- not that I can remember anyway. The last time I felt these kinds of wind was in Italy in early spring and the temperature was about 20 degrees. I guess I'm just not used to it, what with all the above 30 degrees temperatures in Singapore. It is a welcome change, but what in the world is going on in the sky up there? Meanwhile though, all my skirts have to take a break at the back of the closet, and it's time to shop for more wind-appropriate clothes. I'm not complaining.

Recent life updates include my first ever salary, which makes me feel all grown up and all that, but also reminds me of all the burdens of growing up. But let me bask in my own excitement, and think about what I'll buy as a present for myself. I'm currently lusting after a Fjallraven Kanken in Navy Blue & White. The Black & Graphite looks pretty good too, but maybe I need to stop making such safe choices and go for something daring.

Happy Chinese New Year to all, and please excuse me while I go and stuff my face with pineapple tarts and cookies. (Hey, it's only once a year!)


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