Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ocean Colours

(dress: Purpur | necklace: Talisman's | shoes: Doctor Martens | watch: Cineleisure)

When I first started my office job, I got a little worried-- I have all of about six dresses in my dress arsenal. Whatever would I wear to work? This is a dress I bought eons ago at Purpur, when I was still in that awkward tomboy-trying-to-be-a-teenage-girl phase, bought on a whim because I wanted to get into the habit of wearing dresses. Yes, it is hard to believe that not two years ago, I was still a dress-hater.

While this dress has been languishing in the depths of my cupboard for the longest time ever, I'm beginning to see its merits. A knife-pleated skirt that swishes when you walk, coupled with sleeves that sort of resemble space-alien costumes-- or how one would imagine space-alien costumes to be, with those pointy sleeves-- makes for a dress I'll probably be wearing many times. This was the dress I wore on my second day of work, and already my colleagues have commented that I must have a lot of clothes because they've never seen me repeat an outfit twice. (I have, they just didn't notice. I don't have that many clothes, though I do wish I had.) 

My lovely necklace was a gift from friends long ago, and consists of a bucket, a miniature well and a pearl, something which caught me as rather amusing because the well could very well fit into the bucket. As it was, the necklace fit in with the whole water/blue/green theme, though when I'd first picked it out, I just thought it would be a nice metallic touch to the otherwise boring outfit. My Doc Marts have, as of now, become a wardrobe staple that I wear every single day. They were a much worthy investment.
Chinese New Year is coming up, so Happy Chinese New Year to all who celebrate it, and here's the photo of the double chocolate muffins I baked for my mother's birthday in January. I hope you're feeling hungry now, because I sure am.


  1. Oh goodness, you're Chinese? Such a coincidence! :) Love your blog and your awesome fan-fiction!

  2. Ooh are you Chinese too? Haha it really is a coincidence! Happy Chinese New Year!!

  3. Yes ma'am. At least that's where I was adopted. :)