Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Wrong Season

{top, Mango / shorts, BKK / necklace, Diva / belt, Bugis Street / bag, London / shoes, Doctor Martens / cat ear ring, Colette Hayman / rose ring, Stroberi}

It's not anywhere near the festive period (far from it, in fact) but I find myself in clashing colours meant only for Christmas Trees. It just happened to turn out that way. I've always wanted to try out bold colours, and do something different from my usual shades of blue, and it has manifested itself into this. It may come across as surprising, but my favourite non-blue shade to wear is red. It's just such a pity that I have almost nothing in red (something that must be remedied by more shopping!). It is also completely the wrong season in Singapore for me to wearing long sleeves. Not that that actually says very much, since we don't really have seasons here in Singapore. But the weather has been sweltering recently, and I predict a rise in my electricity bills.

April was busy, but a good month for me, and hopefully May will be just as good. I spent a good part of my April weekends catching up with classmates and friends, and much of May will be spent that very same way. I look forward to more good food with my friends, and many more outfit shots. I'm making the best out of my last few remaining months before university starts and I'm thrown into the whirlwind that is studying yet again, this time for four long years.

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