Saturday, June 20, 2015

Blank Space

(top, Bugis Street / culottes, The Tinsel Rack / bag, Sandy Trove / sandals, The Closet Lover)
(photos by Elissa)

I'm not going to lie - I have a perpetual craving for fries, and specifically truffle fries. Before I started my summer job, I made my way down to PS Cafe (Palais Renaissance) to satisfy a craving that remains virtually unsatisfied throughout the whole school term. We had a very good meal of fries and Croque Monsieur

The culottes craze has also been around for quite some time, but it took me a while to commit to one. Having worn culottes for four years as part of my school uniform has not exactly left the greatest impression of culottes in my mind; I vaguely recall them to be rather unflattering. When I saw this pair of striped culottes, I decided to take the plunge, because really, stripes? Need I say more? Stripes are a pretty classic print, and they were probably the deal-breaker that tilted me over to the dark side of accepting culottes into my wardrobe. In any case, I paired my culottes with a black cropped top, white sandals and a black bag for a minimalist, sleek look, and the monochromatic pairing is a combination which I daresay is one of the best combinations anybody could ever dream of putting together

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