Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Summer Ready

(camisole, The Tinsel Rack / shorts, Brandy Melville / high-tops, Vans / bag, England / watch, Nakedglory / necklace, Lovisa / triangle midi ring, Lovisa, crown pinky ring, Claire's / bracelets, Bangkok)
(photos by Siu Farn) 

It's been boiling hot in sunny Singapore for a couple of months already, and it doesn't actually make much sense to be Summer Ready since it's technically summer all year round, but heaven knows I'm eagerly waiting for the heatwave to die down. It's getting much to hot to consider wearing anything with sleeves unless absolutely unavoidable, and the modern invention of air-conditioner has never seemed more like a godsend before.  

In other news, I've just begun my third week at work, and am slowly getting into the routine of having to wake up early to go to the office and then going home when the sky is dark. Nevertheless, the humidity hanging low in the air makes me want to throw all sense of style out of the window and wear a t-shirt and shorts, at least until I reach the relative cool comfort of the office building.

So for those of us who still have to brave the heat when travelling and walking down hot roads, I suppose the only comfortable option is a tank top and shorts, but that's no excuse to look sloppy, in any case. I don't usually dress like this, so I took the opportunity to stack on some armcandy and gold rings, and to pull on a pair of floral high-tops to add a unique kick to my outfit. Comfort and style don't need to be mutually exclusive, yes?

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