Sunday, June 7, 2015


(top, Japan / skirt, The Tinsel Rack / shoes, Doctor Martens / clutch, Burberry / necklace, Topshop / cuff bracelet, Azemsg / rings, Lovisa)
(photos by MK)

When your fantasies of watching your favourite Disney animation film in the form of a musical actually do come true, I guess the least you could do is attempt to dress up like the heroine in said film. In all honesty though, walking around in a midi skirt that flutters around your knees delicately with every step does make you feel something akin to royalty.

So in case you haven't yet guessed from the title and the colour scheme of my outfit, I had the brilliant opportunity of catching the Beauty and the Beast musical in April, and I enjoyed it immensely. It was pretty much a dream come true, and another item to strike off the bucket list. And at the age of (almost) twenty, when reality hits harder, and fairytales no longer have the same wondrous impact they once did, it's nice to keep the dream alive. I'd never had the chance to wear a princess dress when I was a child, so for now, let me just enjoy dressing up as Belle, in my own age-appropriate version of her outfit.

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