Saturday, September 27, 2014

Cracked Marble

{top, Fairebelle / skirt, Dresabelle / holographic pouch, Sephora / boots, Topshop / ring, Lovisa / necklace, Talisman's}
(photos by Siu Farn)

How long as it been since I have neglected this space? There were too many days of fatigue, too many weeks of procrastination, too many thoughts of "there will be time to do it later" that never came to fruition, and too many idealistic views of time management. But I'm back finally, after managing to get my timetable into some semblance of order. Truth be told, my life is still in much of a mess right now, and I am stumbling like a baby through my curriculum, but it'll take nothing short of an apocalypse to tear me away from this space, I promise. I've locked myself to it with iron manacles. 

The beauty in imperfection is perfection itself -- a white structured top, splattered with black prints to resemble cracked marble, with the ugly black veins running haphazardly through its once pristine surface, paired with a black crochet skirt and my trusty boots. Yes, there is definitely perfection in something decidedly imperfect.  

But anyway, how have all of you been? I hope school is treating you kindly; aside from the usual bout of homesickness, and the frantic stress that is inevitable, hall life and school have been pretty forgiving to me. I use that loosely; goodness knows I could use more hours of sleep (couldn't everybody). And then the days where I could just nip down to the picturesque Marina Bay Sands for a quick photoshoot are long gone; now I am faced with the stares of fellow students and a lack of places to go. (Still thankful for my photographer Siu, who never fails to agree to my shameless requests for her help despite her busy schedule). I'll definitely find some way to continue this though- I love doing this too much.

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