Saturday, October 11, 2014

Florals & Oxblood

{top, Bangkok / shoes, Doctor Martens / bag, Burberry / cuff, Claire's / ring, Stroberi}
(photos by my dad)

Because who wouldn't be happy on their 19th birthday, clad in the easiest combination of florals and oxblood, and sporting a pale-pink lip? The pale-pink lips are a rarity, because I have an obsession with buying the brightest, reddest lipsticks I can find, and then chickening out and never wearing them. Still, the occasion somehow called for pale-pink despite my natural aversion to it, and so pink it was. 

Looking at cake when you're sick should be outlawed. I'm currently down with a terrible sore throat and flu (the third sore throat in three months, I really need to be more careful), and... moist chocolate cake with caramel, pecans, and the occasional chunk of surprise brownie? Looking on it is almost bordering on painful (and not just literally). Apparently my 19th birthday was spent gallivanting around town filling myself with sweet treats, including trying the strangely popular yogurt store that seems to be the yogurt store to visit lately. (I thought it was fine, but the long queues turn me off from a second visit.)

In any case, stay healthy, all of you-- the flu bug seems to be making its rounds again. Til the next time!

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