Saturday, November 8, 2014

Photo Diary: Osaka

 Osaka, Japan

In the midst of preparing for my final exams this semester (which sort of explains my absence again, but is not really an excuse), I thought I would take a short break to go through some of my old backdated Japan photos. I needed a break-- we all do. 

There's nothing quite like a double chocolate coffee jelly frappucino at a rest stop to perk you up for a day trip around Osaka. I'm not even normally a fan of matcha, but in Japan, somehow, anything goes, and I eagerly pounce on every matcha food item I can get my hands on, though I barely take more than a few bites before relegating it to my sister, who likes matcha more than I do. And I'm not so sure why Singapore has not adopted that adorable kindergarten school uniform yet? 

On this particular day, I also had the first-time experience of sitting on a bullet train. And it's always nice to see little bits of your home country overseas. Also, sushi, anyone? I'm craving it right now. I thought I would abstain from all sushi when I got back from Japan, but it turns out to be the exact opposite. I crave sushi even more intensely now, if that's even possible.

Shopping at Shinsaibashi was delightful and awkward at the same time -- delightful because there were just so many shops, and awkward because there was simply not enough time to visit them all, and my family ended up being the last to arrive at the restaurant for dinner. As a matter of fact, we were most often last during this trip; I'm sure our punctuality was not helped by the fact that we had two teenage females who were eager to visit every single shop in the shopping district. And it was overwhelming. This post is ended off with a photo I randomly snapped of the bustling Shinsaibashi -- I'll be back. 

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