Wednesday, December 3, 2014

No Rules

(top, Monki / jeans, Topshop, shoes, Topshop, tote bag, Japan)
(photos by Vivian)

The dreaded final exams are over at last, and I finally have time to get back on my posting schedule, though goodness knows when I can get back on track. These photos were taken somewhere around the start of the school term, as a rough gauge. I do feel like making a return visit, because the S'mores Pie and Grasshopper Pie were a fantasy for sweet-lovers like me, and the smoked duck with berry compote we had was equally as good, though pricey. Now, if only I could resist the temptation of my bed and the fact that I no longer need to set an alarm clock. 

When it comes to jeans, I generally shy away, unless it's a pair of high-waisted mom jeans that sit snugly around the waist and are basically a dream to wear, cuffed up with a pair of blue gingham plimsolls. There has to be something about plimsolls that makes them extremely appealing to me-- I just want to sweep them off the shelves in stores. Is anybody else a staunch lover of all plimsolls or is it just me? My armcandy is a birthday present from my resident photographer Siu Farn, and are not my usual type of go-to arm party, but hey, in fashion, there are no rules

I can't wait to kick start my holidays with cafe-hopping and more blog posts, how are you spending yours? 

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