Monday, December 29, 2014


(dress, Damselove / shoes, Doctor Martens / clutch, The Vintage Stash / rings, Colette Hayman / bracelet, Accessorize / necklace, Claire's)
(photos by my dad MK)

This outfit is far from rustic, but somehow it was the one word that popped into mind when I was editing the photos, and I'm not about to argue with my brain, since coming up with post titles always leaves me immensely frustrated. I think it must have been something to do with the oh-so-adorable floral print paired with a saddle-brown clutch that somehow reminded me of the countryside. Honestly though, I loved this print so much that I was set on getting this dress the moment I saw it, and I still love it enough to wear it repeatedly despite it being a little too snug. The cutting is amazing though, and this dress was perfect for a cousin's wedding. Oh, and my necklace (little pink and gold flowers strung together)-- is it not lovely? I know, there are so many things about this outfit that I like that I could go on all day about them.  

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas (I spent mine spring cleaning and playing Cluedo with my family, which felt wonderful), and Happy New Year in advance! 2015 has sure come faster than I expected, and it feels like just yesterday that I ended my A levels. It's somewhat startling for me to think that there are only about 6 months left til I hit the big two-oh, and I'm desperately clinging onto the vestiges of my teenage-hood as best as I can. New Year Resolutions include being more organized and neat (this one is a distant dream, but it's always nice to hope), making less bad wardrobe decisions, and just generally improving on myself. And hopefully this new year we stick to our resolutions!

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