Saturday, January 3, 2015

Getting To Know Cobalt

(bralet, The Tinsel Rack / necklace, Topshop / shorts, The Tinsel Rack / square ring, Scape Underground, silver rings, Lovisa / bag, Kanken / shoes, Doctor Martens)
(photos by Aileen)

Cobalt has never been a colour I've kept in my wardrobe, until the addition of this sweet piece from The Tinsel Rack. I rarely wear bralets, and cobalt is a new colour to me, but I cannot say I regret the choice-- the bold vibrancy of this colour adds so much more to an outfit. I also have to mention that this new pair of shorts has made it to the top of my list of favourite clothing items, simply because of its fit, and -you guessed it- the drop dead gorgeous print. I'm such a sucker for pretty prints that I was literally spellbound by it, and could not resist putting up a photo of a close-up of the print. It just so happens that I really do love this pairing- both pieces are striking on their own, but do not detract from the other's vibrancy. That said, I'm looking forward to getting to know cobalt in greater detail.

Anyway, Happy New Year to all! I'm all set for a new school semester (read: grabbing onto the remnants of the holiday with all my might), and honestly, Christmas seems to have never ended. I'm glad that I managed to make use of this holiday to really catch up with a lot of old friends, and while the thought of having to meet new people during the new school semester scares me, I'm going to take it head-on! The speed at which time flies never fails to amaze me, so for 2015 I would like to grasp each moment firmly and make the most out of everything, and go through it without regrets. Here's to hoping that 2015 will be a great year filled with numerous opportunities and happiness for all of us!

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