Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pizza Date

(top, Dressabelle / shorts, Brandy Melville / bag, Emoda / sunnies, Japan / gold medallion, Claire's / heart pinky ring, Claire's, triangle midi ring, Lovisa, gold rings, Colette Hayman / shoes, Aldo
(photos by Priscilla)

Well, there you have it- what I would wear for a pizza date at La Nonna in Holland Village. Cute, casual, and just the right touch of femininity with a floral print. Granted, my original plans had been to visit Sunday Folks for a waffles with ice-cream, but that plan was foiled when I realized it was not open. (Talk about cheated feelings). Still, anything goes, and this outfit pretty much works for a pizza date as well. It's an all-black outfit, as per my love for all things monochrome, but I feel like the floral print adds an interesting burst of colour to the otherwise monotonous outfit. I could not resist slinging on my gold medallion necklace -seriously though, everyone needs one, it's one of my most worn necklaces- and just about my whole collection of gold rings. I've a thing for gold accessories recently, and can't seem to stop adding new pieces to my already burgeoning stash.   

I had a magnificent lunch this day, topped off with the best apple tart I've ever had the chance to taste, paired with an interestingly refreshing lime sorbet. I don't think I've gotten the taste of warm, tartly sweet chunks of apple and icy cold sorbet out of my mind yet. In any case, any occasion on which I can step out of the school campus just to relax is a happy one indeed, because they are so far and few between. Hopefully there'll be more of such days during Semester 2? 


  1. You couldn't have dressed more gorgeous for that day, Hazel. Anyway, those dishes of pizza look heavenly. I bet you enjoyed gobbling those slices up. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing that! I hope you get to enjoy more fun dates like that. Stay fashionable!

    Crystal Carson @ Tacky Jacks