Thursday, January 8, 2015

Flowers and Stripes

(top, The Tinsel Rack / skirt, Dressabelle / shoes, Topshop / bag, Emoda / necklace, Lovisa)
(photos by Siu Farn)

It was drizzling when I took these photos, and the whole shoot was a rush, with dreary black skies, so I apologize for the lack in photos in this post-- there were too many that did not quite make the cut. It was a pity though, because I was rather excited to put on this outfit. Kudos to my photographer for standing in the rain just to help me get these outfit shots (I owe you way too much). 

In any case, it is fun in a certain way to put together two clashing separates, in very different prints, yet somehow it works because the base colours of the prints revolve around blues, whites and greys, pulled together by basic black shoes and a bag. I shall have to admit though, it was difficult traipsing around school in these shoes, especially since I had to rush to the library to get some documents printed, and by the end of the day I was hobbling around like an old lady. Still, I did love this outfit too much to care. I'm also a little obsessed recently with quartz necklaces. In fact, I recently bought another one, but they go with just about anything, so I think I'll just call them my basic necklaces and use that as an excuse to justify my purchases.

The countdown to the start of the new school semester has officially begun, and I am not ready for it., mainly because I foresee many weeks of trying to get back into the game, which probably translates to a hiatus in blog posts and outfits again. I'll see how I can work around that. In the meantime, yay or nay to low ponytails and nude lippie?  

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