Saturday, January 24, 2015

Good Girl

(shirt, The Tinsel Rack / skirt, A for Arcade / shoes, Topshop / clutch, The Vintage Stash / bracelet, Accessorize / ring, Stroberi / robot necklace, Diva, bar necklace, Colette Hayman)
(photos by Siu Farn & Eve)

There's no denying it, I felt horribly like a 'good girl' in this outfit. And apparently my friends thought so too, because I definitely received more than one query that went along the lines of "are you wearing your old school uniform?" In any case, if there is a school with such a school uniform, you can sign me up immediately. Woe forbid school uniforms be fashionable, though-- I still remember the regulation knee-length skirts, the strict rules about socks, and the general geek vibe one exuded while wearing a school uniform. At least now in university, I can pretend to be wearing a school uniform, in my powder blue button-up, pleated forest green midi, and some gingham loafers, while not looking like a student of the extremely studious sort. 

I definitely liked the pairing of the over-sized loose button-up (just the right amount of preppy, yet casual at the same time) with a structured skirt, and this outfit would be perfect for a casual day out with the girls at a cafe. I thought I would perhaps outgrow midis, but I find myself still clamouring for them, though the chances to wear them amidst a sea of above-the-knee minis are far and few between. I threw on a couple of silver necklaces to make the outfit more interesting, and I'm not sure if you can tell, but layering necklaces has been a bit of a thing for me lately. 

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