Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mismatched Florals

(jacket, Runway Bandits / dress, Uniqlo x Laura Ashley / high-cuts Vans / bag, London / necklace, Topshop)
(photos by Ahmad) 

Doing death-defying stunts in a carpark with no heed for danger -- I have my friends to thank for following me to all sorts of places just to get photos for the blog. (I kid though, the carpark was empty and deserted; no sign of danger except for the burning sun.) The detail shots of this otufit came out really well, but somehow our photo-uploader service decided to play us by deleting all the photos from the folder, and I'm afraid they're all lost in the infinite world of IT now as little bytes floating around the internet. I only managed to salvage the photos you see now in this post, and I mourn for the lost photos dearly. Maybe this will teach me to bring along my own SD cards in the future!

Still, there's no harm in making do, and this particularly hot day found me prancing around a rooftop carpark in an old floral shift dress, a handy denim jacket that did well to give some dimension to the otherwise shapeless dress, floral tapestry print high-cut sneakers, and a black floral satchel, all in delightfully different and clashing floral prints. I felt like a walking garden for the rest of lessons that day. 

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