Monday, December 22, 2014

Monday Blues

(sweater, Bugis Street / jeans, Topshop / belt, Bugis Street / ring, Stroberi / peace bracelet Beadstreet, blue braided wristband, Bangkok / shoes, Topshop / bag, Kanken)
(photos by Siu Farn)

So, what's up, besides being struck with a chronic case of being unable to look straight at the camera? I hope the holidays have been good to you all. (Three days to Christmas! I've been using that as an excuse to do a whole ton of shopping, because where's the holiday spirit without some retail therapy?)

The curse of the Monday blues strikes silently, but there's really nothing better than a good outfit to bring away those blues and make you feel good for the rest of the day. Think blue high-waisted jeans and the perfect cropped sweater that comes in a muted cyan overlaid with white flowers, because who could resist? 

My adventures last week included trying my first ever rainbow cake at Dean & DeLuca, only to step out of the building a short while later and get drenched in a sudden torrential downpour that lasted all of ten minutes. I'm sure we must have all made quite a comical sight, standing at the traffic light waiting for the signal to cross the road, and being unable to cross despite being completely soaked in the rain. Apparently, you cannot quite have the rainbow without the rain. 

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