Sunday, May 10, 2015

Black Widow

(top, The Tinsel Rack / skirt, Dressabelle / bag, Sandy Trove / shoes, Nakedglory / boots, Topshop / necklace, Lovisa)
(photos by MK)

Back to basic blacks (what a tongue-twister), and then again, I don't suppose there could ever be anything wrong with wearing black. When things get a little monotonous it's nice to throw in some detail, like a lace-overlay skirt and leather booties, to skirt the boundary of boring. I had to include a photo of my new Casio watch from Nakedglory (it's technically not so new anymore, seeing as I took these photos months ago); I've been in the throes of watch-lust for quite some time yet, though really I can't quite keep up with expenditure on both clothes and watches, so I think that lust will have to burn for a little while longer. And a crystal quartz necklace, I know, again, because I just can't stop buying quartz necklaces. I think I've mentioned before that they've become my basic go-to necklaces, and now I have just about the best excuse to buy as many as I want, because basic

Anyway, I just ended my finals exams for my second semester in school, which means I'm no longer a freshman, and am now moving onto my summer holidays! It feels a little startling to think that the first year in university is over already, but at least it's back to ootds for me now! I'm starting an internship somewhere soon, and it's really exciting for me, so hopefully I'll be able to take more ootds during the summer break even with work! How are y'all spending your summer holidays?

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