Sunday, May 17, 2015

Cream on Tangerine

(cardigan, The Tinsel Rack / dress, Topshop / shoes, Doctor Martens / ring, Lovisa / bracelet, Hollyhoque)
(photos by Siu Farn)

When your accounting group decides to wear red, and you turn up in your brightest option, only to find out that they were all dressed in varying shades of maroon (did you perhaps miss that memo?) and you have to endure the rest of the day being asked why you resemble a giant red packet in school. Thought thankfully I had a cream cardigan to offset the brightness, it was quite hilarious to spend the day in school standing out from the normal muted florals and hues. In any case, red is not maroon, people, and don't you forget that. Though technically I did turn up in tangerine, which is also... not red.  

A throw-over in a nice neutral cream shade, delicate gold accessories and an adorable chunky bracelet can do well to distract from the overall vividness (or should I say lurid colour?) of a tangerine dress, but who's to say there's anything wrong with walking around in a flaming orange dress anyway? 
This girl is on fire

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