Monday, June 23, 2014

Photo Diary: Tokyo 2014

So... Japan. Think majestic temples with glorious artwork upon the ceiling if one deigns to crane one's neck toward the sky to peer at the intricate paintings etched above one's head. Think cold metal wrought into the shape of the fabled dragon, through which a stream of steady cold water pours like a never-ending spring of life. Think bustling streets, thick telephone wires (I seem to have an obsession with photographing them, they're such a rarity in Singapore), and theme parks where I danced around like an overgrown child eager to reclaim her childhood in squeezy rides in small trains meant for someone a decade younger than I am. Upon the single boat ride in the entire journey, I was practically bouncing in my seat to spot the various flying creatures soaring across the sky, gliding with their magnificent wings outstretched, diving low across the water, or drying their glorious plumage upon a small island.

And then a three storey-or so boutique, where I picked up my first ever real leather baby, thanks to the wonderful parents who decided to generously indulge my shopaholic fantasies. I am blessed.

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