Saturday, June 28, 2014

Photo Diary: Tokyo DisneySea

I don't think I will ever be too old for amusement parks. Perhaps it was the whole atmosphere of the place, or the excitement of being in another country, or the fact that Disney is not available in Singapore (the nearest one is at least a 4 hour flight away in another country), but it felt like this was the happiest day of the entire Japan trip. It was picturesque. Just look at the view from one of the bridges I stood on in the last photo. But the most amazing thing might have been the fact that almost everybody, regardless of age or gender, had Disney paraphernalia perched on their heads, necks, or slung around their bodies-- be it Duffy slingbags, keychains, or the iconic Mickey and Minnie ears. It was a sight to behold-- a nice one. And of course, Japan might be the only place in which people visit theme parks in six-inch (no less) stiletto heels.

I was clamouring not to leave DisneySea, but my feet and stomach (and the tour guide) said otherwise. Strolling through the streets beside our hotel in the late evening yielded results. Behold, the largest takoyaki I have ever seen in my entire life. Yes, that was one takoyaki in the box. Dinner was one of the best curries I'd ever eaten, complete with a chicken cutlet and large strips of cheese, and quite possibly the best service I've ever gotten in an eatery. It was a good day. Nothing like a good amusement park to make me feel like a child all over again.

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