Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Just A Small Town Girl

{bustier, Hollyhoque / outerwear, The Editor's Market / shorts, The Editor's Market / necklace, Diva / bag, Kanken / sunnies, Topshop inspired / shoes, Doctor Martens / socks, Daiso / ring, Scape Underground}
(photos by Cheryl)

Nothing like a large, empty carpark and an infinite sky to make you feel like a little pawn in the grand scheme of things-- a small wooden chesspiece upon a large chessboard. 

I finally managed to fulfil my long-time desire of snapping some photos in an empty (almost) carpark; the notion has always somehow managed to intrigue me. From the multi-storey carpark the view of the nearby high-rise buildings and construction cranes was nothing short of magnificent, and made for a perfect background canvas. Thank you to Cheryl for spending quite a sizeable amount of time with me on the rooftop of the carpark, slowly roasting in the afternoon heat. The day was well spent at nydc with mudcake and pizza.  

My bustier has been reused from prom-- perhaps a testament to the fact that you do not need a fancy, sequinned gown for that very occasion. I was madly in love with the floral print when I first bought it, and I'm still rather enamoured with it, enough to wear it to inject some colour into my otherwise grayscale outfits recently. I threw on a black lace collared top as an outerwear, because, well, it's never too hot for outerwear, and who can resist black lace? This top was sitting in my mother's closet, unworn, until I rescued it just for the sake of this outfit. 

University is starting soon, and the past few days have been nothing but a mad rush of typing out application forms, filling up compulsory administration details, and just worrying in general over what the rest of the year is going to be like-- I may have even forgotten how to study. 

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