Sunday, July 6, 2014

JUNE in pictures

1. First ever buys from Topshop-- scoring a necklace on sale with a $40 mark-down in its price.
2. Beautiful sunsets make me happy.
3. A random day's office ootd in big white flowers and my new boots. 
4. Packing my travel essentials for the trip to Japan, with my new passport holder from The Vintage Stash!
5. Airport ootd with my sister, all excited to board our flight to Tokyo.
6. When in Japan, eat ramen-- bought with tickets issued from a vending machine in the ramen shop.
7. Tempura for dinner in Kanazawa, which was nothing short of delicious and extremely affordable.
8. Sneak-peek of posts that are yet to come-- at a garden in Kanazawa.

9. I had a lot of fun with the yoghurt and fruit selection at the breakfast buffet in Osaka-- so, can I set up my own yoghurt bar yet? 
10. A photo of my shopping hauls from Japan, minus the accessories.
11. I was met with this sight when I walked home from the bus-stop one day after work and happened to glance at a car window, on which I saw the reflection of the sky. I was both freaked out and amazed at the same time.
12. Munch Rosti birthday treat from a cousin.
13. Caught a sliver of a rainbow from one of the office windows on my second last day of work! I was the only person excitedly taking photos of the rainbow, being the overgrown child that I am.
14. Farewell gifts from the colleagues. I can't believe I've finally ended 6 long months of work, but honestly it has been an amazing experience, and I had a lot of fun and good times working. I feel extremely thankful to have met such friendly colleagues, and I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

How's June been for you all? I had a pretty good one, what with my holiday to Japan, but it's back to earth for me now. I'm still taking my last few chances to be a couch potato before university starts for real, and have been overloading myself with missed/old episodes of Running Man. Follow me on instagram for more updates.

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