Thursday, July 24, 2014

Photo Diary: Takayama - Kanazawa


You know the day's going to go perfect when you start it off with a view of your favourite flowers, sitting prettily in a pot beside a bicycle. We started off the day with the Asa-ichi Market, with all sorts of small roadside stalls and an extremely sporting fruit-stall owner who gamely posed for a photo (he had a really cool apple-peeling-and-slicing machine). The city girl in me squealed at the abundance of fish in what would be called a large drain in Singapore.

After that, we took a drive to the Shirakawa-go Ogimachi Gassho Village, with its iconic village huts, all complete with a 60 degree angled roof. Apparently the sarubobo monkey doll is supposed to bring happiness to the owner, and I bought one, because I'm a sucker for things like that. I must have more than a drawer full of kitsch touristy souvenirs already but I can't seem to stop buying them. There's also really nothing like an ancient-looking village with daisies and rice paddy fields-- they make for amazing photoshoot locations. I spent a goodly amount of time chasing birds around (the sheer variety in Japan is just amazing), attempting to get a clear, close-up shot of them, but few of the feathered creatures wanted to cooperate with me, and it was with much difficulty (think me climbing onto benches and random ledges) that I managed to snap a few clear shots of that plump little bird. 

We visited a sakura-tree garden, but sadly the season for sakura has long been over, and we were greeted with the sight of barren trees. The perpetual rain made the afternoon a little dreary, but nevertheless everything was still spectacularly beautiful. The last photo is of yours truly, posing in front of the Kanazawa Castle and looking gloriously minuscule in front of the magnificent building, clad in my new gingham midi from Fairebelle

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