Monday, August 4, 2014

Shiroi Hana

{kimono, DIY | top, Lacepipe | skirt, Dressabelle | shoes, Rubi | clutch, Bugis Street | necklace, Talisman's | silver ring, Lovisa // silver band, Stroberi // rose ring, Forever 21}
(photos by Minyi and Ahmad) 

It's been a long time since I last wrote on this space-- I've just been so busy with university administrative issues, and not to mention the two camps that I signed up for. I just got back from Hall 3 Camp on Saturday, and I immediately went down with a fever and sore throat. My legs are also completely crippled with a serious case of muscle ache that refuses to allow me to walk down staircases; I've been hobbling around the house for the past couple of days. I think I'm going to prescribe myself long hours of sleep and relaxation (hey, anything to give me an excuse to laze around, right?).

Since I'm back, and I'm currently immobile in front of my computer (crippled legs and all) I decided to make some good use of my time and clear really old backlogged posts. And there you have it, my outfit for Raffles Runway RProject 2014. I think my friends and I made quite a sight traipsing through the mrt, all clad in black, with our faces made up and feet in heels. It was a wonderfully glamorous night of flashing lights, music, and glamorous models strutting down the catwalk. I've missed Runway too much. Also, many thanks to my beloved friend Minyi for agreeing to traipse around a muddy grass field with me to take these shots, and Ahmad for the behind the scene shots of Minyi and I. I can't wait to do more shoots!

So... I've always wanted a kimono, but never really liked the idea of paying hefty amounts for an item that could possibly go out of style within the next few months. I chanced upon a gorgeous black and white floral fabric in Chinatown (after walking around the place twice) and bought a couple of yards to make my very own kimono. I'm madly in love with it, but it's so impractical to wear; any ideas on how I can wear it? It seems a bit too whimsical to wear to school, so that option's out. Speaking of which, I've started moving my things into my hall room, where I'll be staying for the next year. I'm pretty psyched to start planning outfits for school! See you guys around, and say hi to me if you spot me in hall. 

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