Sunday, July 13, 2014


{top, Bugis Street / jacket, Fabfad / necklace, Talisman's / skirt, Kitschen / shoes, Doctor Martens / pouch, Sephora / NYX Butter Lip Gloss}
(photos by Siu Farn)

Ubiquity is underrated, in an age of 'I wanna be different from everybody, so I'm going to wear things that are radically set apart from everybody else'. Some days I just want to fade into the background (or wallpaper), and wear the exact same thing that everyone is wearing-- perhaps an old-time desire of wanting to fit in. How we have progressed; in order to fit in, we have to be different and unique. Am I making any sense? Perhaps not. I just ended my orientation pre-camp and I am, to put it simply, dead on my feet. My throat (still unrecovered from the previous week's horrifying illness) throbs and my head hurts at an intensity to rival the pain in my throat.

Nevertheless, here's hoping for the best during orientation! Goodbye comfortable bed, wi-fi access, clean showers and clothes, and all things that make an introvert like me happy-- for a week, at least. See you all soon!

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