Sunday, February 15, 2015

Cowboy Vibes

(top, Dopestreet Boutique / shorts, The Tinsel Rack / blue crystal necklace, Lovisa, silver bar necklace, Colette Hayman / wristband, Bangkok / rings, Colette Hayman / clutch, Bugis Street / boots, Topshop)
(photos by Aileen)

"Can we do frivolous things in December? Completely absolutely hundred percent-ly frivolous," said one of my friends over text. And so we did. We walked around aimlessly in town for a short while, decided it was time for some good chocolate truffle cake, and then went down to Holland Village to check out Sunday Folks, because, apparently, that's what all the cool kids are doing these days, and you aren't anybody if you haven't had Sunday Folks yet. I am pleased to announce that I have officially tried Sunday Folks, after weeks of staring at mouthwatering photos on my Instagram newsfeed. The Earl Grey Lavender did not really cut it for me (I'm more of a traditional chocolate person) but my friends declared it absolutely delicious. I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to trying new flavours. 

On our particularly frivolous date, I was somehow dressed in the exact opposite of the word: a boyish plaid shirt, nondescript black shorts, simple pendants and sleek leather boots (my only indulgence in this outfit, really). Even my rings were plain silver bands, free from embellishment; just about everything in this outfit is clean cut and androgynous, and it brings me back a little to the days when I was a tomboy and refused to go near skirts. Also, what's interesting about this shirt is that it's cropped- effectively reducing the bulky and awkward amounts of fabric to be tucked in shorts or a skirt, but also eliminating the possibility of wearing it as an outerwear. Oh well- you win some, you lose some.

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