Sunday, February 8, 2015

Old School

(top, Dressabelle / shorts, The Tinsel Rack / parka, WildChild / shoes, Topshop / bag, Emoda / necklace, WoodenBox / watch, Nakedglory / arrow cuff, Claire's / gold spiral rings, Colette Hayman, triangle midi ring, Lovisa)
(photos by Stephanie)

I can't think of anything better than a day spent dressed up, satisfying my tastebuds with brunch and dessert, and chatting with good company. This particular day saw me at Dakota (thank you Steph for travelling down just to spend time with me), at a quaint little neighbourhood called Dakota Crescent, complete with white brick buildings, two-storey shophouses and an adorable playground. It does sound picturesque, doesn't it? There were so many different photo opportunities, and I'll be sad to see this little neighbourhood go during its redevelopment. Perhaps I'll make another trip down again, just for the sake of more photos. Brunch consisted of the typical Big Breakfast, nothing fancy, but just enough to satisfy my craving for scrambled eggs. I thought the Ugly Nutella was pretty good, and since I'm not a fan of cheesecake, I cannot comment on the Rainbow Cheesecake, which technically made its way onto our table simply because it looked like it would be good for the photos (that, and Steph likes cheesecake). 

Anyway, this has got to be my favourite outfit for a long time, I can't say how excited I was to put it on and shoot somewhere that did not include the area behind my residential hall in school (the same ol' buildings get boring after a while). What's not to love? A structured, weave-printed top that reminded me of tweed, sand-coloured knee-length culottes, black leather moccasins, all topped off with a military green parka? I'm sold. Not to mention the numerous accessories I crowded onto my hands, and the gorgeous vintage watch I got from Nakedglory/The Tinsel Rack, with its beautiful sapphire face and gold numbering. I would be be-spelled, if I were you. 

Honestly, this set of photos makes me miss the carefree days of the holidays with an intensity. School has only been around for 4 weeks, and already I find myself down with an insidious flu/sore throat/fever mishmash of illnesses that has been plaguing me the whole week and shows no signs of letting up. Stay healthy, y'all!

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