Sunday, February 22, 2015

White Out

(necklace, Lovisa / sweater, MissyPixie / shorts, Runway Bandits / bracelet, Accessorize / silver rings, Colette Hayman / bag, Bangkok)
(photos by Siu Farn)

White is a colour I generally shy away from, because of the impracticality on it. But on days when I decide I am brave enough to chance it, I go all out. White top, white shorts, white shoes, white everything, with a nude bag thrown in to make things more interesting. I bought this white quilted pullover the moment I saw it, just because, and then I had to match it with this pair of quilted white shorts in a slightly different texture. My sister described the shorts as waffle-d instead of quilted, but it was interesting to do the texture-play. My shoes are a very old pair bought at least five years ago, and they come with hand-painted designs and floral shoelaces, a remnant of my style from many years back. Accessories were kept minimal and according to the theme, all white and frosty: a chunky white rose ring, silver bands, a simple bracelet, and a very shiny necklace

Brunch at Lola's Cafe did not disappoint, as usual, and right now I find myself craving their truffle fries and Avocado Eggs Benedict with an intensity. Desserts at Mad Hatter's Cafe did not quite sit well with me- the cheesecake reminded me of mooncake, and the brownie was crumbly and dry instead of moist and dense, though kudos for presentation. Perhaps the best of the lot was the chocolate tart. 
Oh, and Happy Chinese New Year! I hope you all gorged yourselves silly on pineapple tarts and goodies and had a well-deserved rest.

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