Monday, April 21, 2014

Aztec and Acid Wash

{top, BKK / shorts, Double Index / shoes, Vans / bag, Kanken / necklace, Talisman's / armcandy, BKK / anchor ring, Punkcandy / button ring, Bugis Street}
Photos by my dad

There are days when I'm a lot less hard-working than I'd like to think I am. Working an office job means that five days a week, I have to look presentable. Gone are the schoolgirl days, where you could just throw on the standard uniform each morning without having think about what to wear, and chalk the messy hair and prominent eyebags up to late nights spent studying for tests or rushing out homework. Now, there is no excuse. Or at least, I can find no excuse to give myself. After all, we are ourselves our worst critic. And so on this particular Sunday, I can find no excuse for why I left the house, sans contacts and makeup. I think it shows quite obviously.

I will not even deny the fact that this outfit itself was thrown together rather hastily upon the decision to go shopping. It did not seem to make sense to dress up in the frilliest and most feminine outfits when I felt so drab, so it had to be shorts and a shirt. But hey, at least I can have nice armcandy, right? And a nice shirt. I know, I just needed some consolation. 

I've always been very into the whole aztec, animal print, reindeer carousing across my shirt, black geometric shapes thing. It's nice that I get all of that in this one shirt. Also, acid wash shorts in light denim, lightly frayed and ripped? Perhaps my newest addiction. I borrowed the sister's shorts and was absolutely amazed to see how well they fit around the waist. Maybe I need to invest in more high-waisted shorts that fit as well as this pair did, preferably in a nice acid wash.

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