Saturday, April 12, 2014

New Beginnings

(dress: Dressabelle | bag: Macy's | shoes: Doctor Martens | necklace: Talisman's | arm candy: beaded bracelets Forever 21 // wristband BKK | ring: rose Forever 21 \\ hearts Diva \\ silver band Stroberi)
(Photos by Siu Farn)

So... new beginnings. I recently managed to acquire a camera of my very own that I love dearly despite my inadequacies at using it... and I consider this a fresh, new start to this whole blogging experience. I used to be so frustrated because I wasn't able to capture the details of my outfit clearly, but I feel really excited now! Though of course, a clearer camera does mean that flaws become more apparent. 

About the dress-- cute little white flowers with adorable green stalks over a deep meadow green base? Who could resist? I feel as though my time to be wearing outrageous prints is running short already (it seems that the older people around me in the office generally stick to neutral or bold, plain colours that make them look extremely glamorous), so maybe it's time for me to stock up on all the prints I can for now. I do seem to have a penchant for darker colours though, but hopefully I'll be able to venture out of my comfort zone. The bag was bought by my cousin and aunt during their trip to USA and was supposed to be for my mum, but I have since appropriated it for my own use, whoops. 

Since this is a "new beginning", I'm determined to try a lot more styles and experiment. (Though no, I'm not looking forward to all the fashion mistakes again.) I'm compiling this list of must-try items, and wish me luck in actually getting around to it!
1. Pencil/bandage skirts/Skirts that are generally not flared or drapey, since my entire wardrobe is made up of the same kind of dress.
2. Boxy tops with prints, since I have way too many sleeveless tops.
3. Slim-cut printed (or non-printed) jeans.
4. More heeled shoes. Boots! Sandals! SHOES SHOES SHOES. I think I've made my point clear.

Have a lovely Sunday and an awesome week ahead. I promise to try to get better photos! Also many many many thanks to Siu, who willingly endured the burning sun with me to take my photos for me. Love you lots!

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