Tuesday, April 8, 2014

MARCH in pictures

It feels a little strange to be doing a "March in pictures" when it's already more than a week into April, but that's where procrastination has landed me. I thought I'd do this each month, since there are photos in Instagram that never make it to my blog. Without further ado, this is MARCH in pictures.

1. Butterless Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies -- triple because the cookie is chocolate, and there are both white and dark chocolate chips inside. It's a recipe I got off the internet, and I'm still trying to find a way to make the recipe work because I altered it to my own purposes. 
2. It's been quite some time since You Who Came From The Stars ended, but I feel like I can say that it's definitely made it to the list of 'favourite shows' that I will enthusiastically recommend to anybody who is on the lookout for a good drama to watch. Also, I drew this because I fell completely in love with the houndstooth coat she wore in one of the last few episodes-- how she manages to look so effortlessly put together and perfect is beyond me. If I had the time/skill to do it, I would draw each and every one of her outfits because they all look so amazing.
3. I loved drawing this picture because I was practically bouncing in my seat every day at work, counting down the hours till I got to go home and continue drawing this, and that is the best feeling ever. Frozen must have left a larger impact on me than I thought.

4. Butterless Double Chocolate Muffins -- One of the photos taken while experimenting with my new camera, crouched over a table with the muffins. As you might be able to tell, I'm a big fan of chocolate. This is by far the best butterless chocolate recipe I've ever made.
5. On Siu's last day of work, we celebrated by buying a drink each from Starbucks (my first time ever buying one, actually) and camwhoring and taking lots of photos with our drinks. I do find it rather cool that th first drink I ever bought is coincidentally called the Hazelnut Frappe. I've developed a rather strange craving for it ever since then, unfortunately.
6. What originally started off as an attempt to paint blood red flowers on black nails ended up as something I like to call abstract art-- random streaks of red paint drawn on after a couple of failed attempts on two nails, in a bid to disguise the messed up flowers. I'd like to think that I succeeded in making them (sort-of) presentable.

7. The best thing about working life is that when I manage to leave the office on time, I get to see a different sunset every single day, since I don't reach home at any exact same time daily, and even if I did, the sky would still look different. This sunset was so gorgeous, all pinks and purples and gorgeous rays of the last sunlight streaming through the clouds.
8. I'd originally planned for this to be more elaborate, but...
9. Same sky, yet a completely different painting. This was taken in almost the exact same location (as shown by the tree silhouettes) and yet the sky looks so completely different. I could stare at the photos of the sunset all day and never stop being amazed. 

Meanwhile, I need to stop procrastinating on outfit posts, but it's difficult to do that when all I want to do is watch old Disney movies and put all thoughts of university out of my mind. It's pretty difficult though when all everyone is talking about is university, university, and yet more university. 

Outfit posts up soon, I promise! Fingers crossed.


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